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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blogger issues

I've been thinking about switching to another blogging software, as blogger has been driving me crazy these past few days. I'm also thinking about switching hosts, as my crappy hosts decided they would add Google ads without even posting a notice in advance (on the main site they claim they offer free hosting in return for a "small banner". Well, THIS is not my idea of a SMALL banner). The Google ads are giving major headaches. If you use Firefox / Firebird / Netscape, you will know what I'm talking about, as you'll be having problems viewing the blog (unless you have the patience to refresh the page a couple of times - sometimes more than a dozen times). Right now my favourite is Wordpress. I want to stay away as much as possible from hosted blogs, as I like to be independent of the mood swings of the blog creators' servers. Having said that, I'm a bit reluctant to switch to another software after all the work I put into the template. Moreover, switching from Blogger to Wordpress is quite a headache, and if I decide to migrate, it will have to wait until Tuesday at the least, which is when I will be done with the work required for my Bachelor's degree.

i don't like the google generated ad either because they put up Israeli ads, to buy israeli goods and stuff like that.

according to X from lfpm, the lfpm website had google generated ads, and they had all of these pro-israel ads, like send a flower to israel, and ads about israeli army military gear, so i complained about it and they told me it is a google generated ad and that if you talk about a topic a lot like Israel, ads about israel get generated, i don't know if it is true or if it was just an excuse.
and congratulations on your bachelors.
Yeah, I noticed that on LFPM forum. They had ads on Jerusalem or whatever.... but I think it's true that it generates the ads according to content. But I think one can challenge that claim, because there is more talk about lebanon and I never saw Lebanese ads.....

I will most probably be switching to another host or just change the option to blogger-hosted (works like livejournal, everything would be on their servers). But I don't like relying on others' servers. I'd much rather have my own files, etc. That way it's possible to migrate to another software later on. I just can't find a good, free host. No, I'm not cheap (lol). I just don't have credit card and have never really 'bought' a domain/space of my own, etc. Hopefully I'll do that in a couple of months when I go back, because it will also be good for my journalism work.

Thanks. I still have to finish 2 major (15-page) papers. But I will be after that. Working on one at the moment.
I meant to say I will be free* after that. Good God, I can't even type.
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