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Friday, March 18, 2005

Can you sue yourself? Well, this man just did.

Today I decided to drop by the bank on my way home to deposit a cheque. Just as I was done with the business, a man in his early 50s approached and said: "Excuse me, where did you get those buttons"? One of the buttons was this:

Palestine button

I told him I got it from university. To which he replied, "which one?" I said, "York University". He then smiled and asked, "where are you from?" I managed to mumble "Lebanon." I still couldn't see where the whole thing was going. He then shook my hand and introduced himself (couldn't catch the name, but I think it was George?), and said he was Palestinian. I said a simple "nice to meet you". He then asked what my name was. I had not recovered from the whole confusing-at-first-now-fitting-into-place thing, but I managed to mumble "Dan". He then said "Thank you" and disappeared before I could say anything else.

It's interesting how small encounters like these often mean a lot to those involved. I was happy, impressed, but also sad. I couldn't help but think about this man with the grateful look in his eyes, and how he must be dreaming of one day going to the land of his parents and grandparents. I was happy that he approached me. He was another proof (not that I need any proofs about that) that there are real people behind those Palestinian faces, real people with real feelings, real dreams, and real wishes. The way he talked to me was reminiscent of the deep gratitude he felt for my support of his people. Unlike the faceless, colonialist, in-your-face-flag-waving and often ungrateful "Israelis", the Palestinian people (driven by half a century of oppression into a militant position) have shown that they have names, faces, and stories behind the "Scarlet Letter" "T" (standing for Terrorism). Is that man a terrorist or a terrorist-sympathiser? I suppose for "Israelis" and their supporters he is. After all, he represents a challenge to their enterprise in the Middle East. But oh, I wish they actually had feelings to understand what this man and millions of others have gone through and where they're coming from...

In other news, and this is the most hilarious thing I've read in weeks, here's the title of a National Post article:

Syrians attacked in Lebanon, security chief files lawsuit against himself

Now I am no expert on lawsuits, but perhaps some of my readers would know how the lawsuit enterprise works? I've never heard of someone sueing himself/herself...

Here's what the article says:

One of the Lebanese officials whose resignation has been demanded by the opposition, General Security Department chief Jamil Sayyed, filed papers Friday with the acting prosecutor general to initiate a lawsuit against himself and fellow security chiefs.

Sayyed has said he intends to sue himself so that he and colleagues will have an opportunity to prove in court that they had no responsibility for the assassination.

More drama inspired by the so-called "opposition" (you know, I never liked bandwagoners). Fascinating.

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