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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"Death to Arabs"

Who's intolerant? Walid Badir (Budeir*)? Abbas Suan? Or the "Israelis" who point out at every possible (or impossible) occasion that their parents were sent to gas chambers 60 years ago?

You will ask me "what the hell are you talking about?" Well, it turns out that for the second time in a row, the "Israeli" national team (football) has been saved from a defeat by an equaliser by Arab players. The first by Abbas Suan (Bnei Sakhnin) against the Republic of Ireland, the second by Walid Budeir (Maccabi Haifa) against France.

Yet the same fans who celebrated both victories were previously booing and cursing Suan for no apparent reason other than the fact that he's of Arab descent. Moreover, the savior of "Israel" against France in today's game is none other than Walid Budeir, the grandson of a Palestinian man slaughtered by "Israelis" in Kufur Kassem in 1956. Here's a photo of his grandfather (4th row, 2nd from right). During a symposium titled "Kick Racism and Incitement out of Soccer", Budeir was asked the following question: "What's in your mind, and in your heart, when the national anthem is played before an international?" His reply? Much different than the "Death to Arabs" chant that Betar Jerusalem and other "Israeli" teams' fans have been chanting for many years now. Here's what Ha'aretz reports:
Budeir tried to brush away his embarrassment - "Where the heck did you come from?" was his riposte. He declined to speak his mind. When pressed, however, by Arab fans in the audience, he relented, saying he would "tell it straight - what I feel is that if, in, say, 50 years' time, another clause is added in to the anthem so that it comes also to represent me as an Arab Israeli, then I'll be able to sing it as well."
I can see how it would go down for so-called "Israelis" if Arabs chanted "Death to Jews" during a football match. Racist? Intolerant? Nazist? YOU are all those things, not the Arabs, despite the fact that you have come to the land empty-handed and taken all of it from its rightful owners, whereas they've lost everything. If anyone would've been remotely justified in chanting "Death to [insert racial group]" it would be the Arabs. That's not to say that it's justified, but it's relatively more justifiable.

As always, I will have to thank the "Israelis" for proving once again that they don't deserve an ounce of respect.

* spelling varies due to transliteration

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