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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dharma Chakra Revolution

Ha'aretz reports that "Lebanese opposition members blame Syria for latest Beirut bombing, accuse Damascus of attempting to sow fear".

More interesting, however, is the following: Following the killing of 4 Indian workers in 2 separate bombings in "Christian areas" in Lebanon, Indian workers have formed an opposition that heads a movement known in international circles as the "Dharma Chakra Revolution" (alternately named the "Lotus Revolution").

David Satterfield expressed grave concern over the situation and called for an international probe into the terrorist attacks that targeted Indian workers. He also called for a complete, unconditional withdrawal of Christians from the country, arguing that they bear the primary responsibility for the attacks, as they occured under their watchful eyes.

Satterfeld asked all Lebanese Christians to leave the country??? Do you have a link please?! That's amazing - what a nutcase.
lol no... :P It's satirical. ;) When I don't provide links and it's unbelievable, that means it's satire. ;)
Haha. Well, Meitterand offered boats to ship out all the Christians to France during the Civil War! And Satterfeld is far far worse, so...
Yes that was rather nice of him, wasn't it... I mean, because a Lebanese Muslim or Durzi life is not as valuable as a Lebanese Christian one... But of course, the Christians were only "defending themselves" against "those power-hungry Muslims" who "wanted to throw them into the sea" (zionists love that phrase, and it seems to me Lebanese Christians are beginning to take on [or maybe I'm just realising this] the zionist speech habits).
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