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Saturday, March 19, 2005

"George W. Bush is number one in the world"

"George W. Bush is number one in the world. He is late, but better late than never ... We want foreign intervention to get rid of the occupation, and to protect us. We want them to protect us because Christians are a minority." Link

what happened to the other comment posting, i like it more, now i have to register or post anonymously, Intifada.
No no, you can post with whatever name you want... Click on "Other" and write whatever name you want.

I uninstalled it because it was giving problems with the formatting of the blog. It turned out the problem was not exactly from that, but removing it has also made the website much faster. It used to give javascript problems for firebird, so the page wouldn't load completely... I guess it has bugs in it I don't know.
Here, this is Dan posting.
Ok cool, i didn't know that, pretty cool man, who is here and there, a friend of yours? well talk to you later Dan.
Yup, H&T is a friend of mine. We have very similar political views (we do differ on some points), except that she's not an anarchist. :P
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