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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mass hysteria in Lebanon

It looks like all the prank gangs are out to have some fun in Lebanon, and the mass hysteria is widespread.
The Holy Spirit University (USEK) in Kaslik received a false bomb threat. An unidentified person called the university's rector, father Antoine Ahmar, and told him there was a bomb about to explode on the university premises. USEK students and personnel were immediately evacuated in order to allow security forces personnel to inspect the premises.


In the areas of Mansourieh, Achrafieh and Jamhour, cars left by their owners on the streets raised fear among the citizens, who asked the ISF personnel to check them.


At the Lebanese University Literature department, a leather suitcase left in the hallway caused unease among the students. Security forces checked the suitcase, which contained books and money belonging to a student.

But then something very interesting is reported.... For once the reported victims are not Lebanese (to be more specific, Christians), and the alleged perpetrators are not implied to be Syrians:
The Syrian Social Nationalist Party's bureau in Shemlan was also broken into on Tuesday night by a armed group. The unidentified people rushed at the bureau, shooting and caused serious damages.
I suppose the nutcase "opposition" headed by Walid beik will release a statement that condemns the attack and express its firm beliefs factual assertion that the attack on the SSNP bureau was part of a "A Fish Called Wanda"esque "sabotage" break-in.

But the entire article has an air of unbelievability to it. It certainly comes across as not reporting the already prevalent hysteria, but as attempting to create exactly the mass hysteria it claims is already present in the country...

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