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Thursday, March 31, 2005

More on ancient Hebrews

More proof that most Jews (and by extension "Israelis"?) are related to ancient Hebrews:
People who undergo non-Orthodox conversions to Judaism overseas are entitled to Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return, reports Ha'aretz.

"The Jewish nation is one," Supreme Court President Aharon Barak wrote in the verdict. "It is dispersed around the world, in communities. Whoever converted to Judaism in one of these communities overseas has joined the Jewish nation by so doing, and is to be seen as a 'Jew' under the Law of Return. This can encourage immigration to Israel and maintain the unity of the Jewish nation in the Diaspora and in Israel."
No thanks, I'll be a "gentile" (goy) and a good one at that. ;) But perhaps Arabs could use this technique to get citizenship and sabotage the state? Or do they do genetic testing to determine who is what before giving them "Israeli" citizenship? I see, no Arabs are allowed. Sorry, not Jewish enough.

Hey Not so "Anonymous", you're not welcome here. Go away.
for someone who got himself banned from other message boards, i would think you would have compassion and not do it to me. LOL. Ok, bye bye!
I'm not sure about Blogger, but wordpress will help you to keep the dogs outside the door.

Good luck!
Not so "Anonymous", كسإمك اخو شرموطا
Yes indeed, that would be very handy, Haitham. Nice blog, btw!
Not so "Anonymous", I told you you're not welcome here. I will not ban you but I will delete your comments. You are not welcome here. Take your crap elsewhere.
Which comments you were objecting to? Or is it just censoring for hell of it?
Censoring for the hell of it? What's that? Well, you must be an expert of that. So please enlighten me.
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Quite agreed.
The point of your argument is flawed. Many Arabs and non-Jews already become Israeli citizens through family re-unification programs or simply marrying Jews.

Furthermore, the Law of return states that anyone with a single Jewish grandparent can become a citizen quickly -this includes many non-Jews, therefore it is not exclusive to Jews.

In your inverted racist world you also ignore that strict rules on citizenship through religious or 'race' association are maintained by many 'non-colonial' Arab & Muslim states as well as Western ones, such as 'Germany' - who prioritise the German diasporah.
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