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Thursday, March 31, 2005

On God and clerics

"Please do not upset our lord", said Jewish, Christian, and Muslim clerics, refering to the World "Pride" Parade 2005 to be held in Jerusalem in August. Thus, for the first time ever did Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious figures in Jerusalem join hands and fight against a common enemy. The common enemy being, of course, surprisingly not the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians or the killing of civilians (including children), but a gay festival. From the above, it is then fair to conclude that those "Jewish", "Christian", and "Muslim" clerics do not believe that the "lord" would be upset about the bombing of a civilian bus or the shooting of children in schools (or elsewhere, wherever snipers and other believers in "purity of arms" might deem appropriate), but that his wrath would be unleashed on the occasion of a gay parade. Good stuff. A big thank you to the clerics for letting us know what's on their holy minds.

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