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Monday, March 28, 2005

On stolen land (aka "settlements") and mortars

According to Ha'aretz and the Jerusalem Post, Palestinian "they do not exist" militants fired a mortar shell on the stolen land that is now known as the "settlement" of "Netzarim".

The firing of the mortar comes after weeks of truce offered by Palestinian "militant" (i.e. non-sellout) groups for nothing in return (except raids and more arrests of "militants").

The "Israelis" shall withdraw under fire from Gaza, just like they withdrew from Lebanon. And soon from all of Palestine. That is what they get for stealing land, ethnically cleansing the indigenous population, and last but not least for making no compromises in return for numerous peace and goodwill gestures from the very people they have dispossessed.

Hamas 1, "Israel" 0.

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