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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The peaceful "Cedar Revolution"

Opposition members said the resignation marked the "first success of the peaceful (emphasis mine) intifada" it waged on the government in the wake of Hariri's killing.

The Daily Star, March 1, 2005

"We came to thank him for starting this peaceful (emphasis mine) intifada for Lebanon's freedom. But it is still a long journey till we gain our full independence."

The Daily Star, March 2, 2005
So this intifada, that is, what they call the "Cedar Revolution" (I prefer to call it Hummus & Gucci Revolution), is in fact peaceful... Quite rightly, because the 20-30 Syrian workers killed do not count as humans, so the assessment of the peacefulness of the "revolution" would not be effected...

Interestingly, and I discovered this just now (call me ignorant, but better late than never), The Washington Post staff writer Jefferson Morley suggests that the term "Cedar Revolution" (and here I'm quoting Morley) "was coined by Undersecretary of State Paula Dobriansky in a Feb. 28 news conference that touted President Bush's foreign policy."

The statement by Dobriansky certainly does include that term, but whether or not that was its first use we cannot be 100% sure of. I would not be surprised if this were the case, however. Of course, the United States comes up with the most (not to say lame but) cheesy operation names. Let's not forget that they had to change the term Operation Iraqi Liberation to Operation Iraqi Freedom because the former could be shortened to "OIL", and of course the U.S administration had no plans to take over Iraq's oil.

One thing that struck me as odd is how Dobriansky talks about Lebanon being "[free] from foreign influence" when 1) UN 1559 is a foreign influence. 2) There is no proof that Syria was behind the assassination and hence USA could've had a hand in it. 3) USA keeps interfering in Lebanon's affairs and ordering people around. This is of course other than the hypocritical call for Syrian withdrawal before elections because elections supposedly cannot be held under occupation. Apparently Mr. Bush forgot about Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine. But of course we all know that U.S and "Israeli" presence is not "occupation", it's the "liberation", "Westernisation", "democratisation" of those backwards stinky Arabs... Really, they want our good. I guess we should thank them white, civilised guys for it. As if the ancient Hebrews (whose descendents today's Jews claim to be) were any different from their Semitic brothers and sisters... I suppose I should initiate a course on Jewish supremacy. I would call it Jewish Supremacism 101.

By the way, we now have a new contributor (Here and There), and I see that she has already posted an entry. I also worked a bit on the links (see right-hand side). I hope you find them interesting and/or useful/handy. I certainly do.

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