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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Racist "Israelis" (or dare I saw Jews?) boo French anthem

Another excuse found for "Israeli" racism:
Israel supporters booed and whistled during the French national anthem before the crucial World Cup qualifying match in Tel Aviv today.

Fans expressed their anger at what they saw as anti-Israel comments made by France goalkeeper Fabien Barthez at the squad's training camp last week.

Barthez had said he feared for his safety and did not want to play in a country where the match had to be secured by armed guards. He also walked out of a news conference when an Israeli reporter tried to ask him a question.

"As a person and as a father, I don't like the idea (of going to Israel), I don't like it at all," Barthez was quoted as saying on the Israeli sports website ONE.

ONE later reported that Barthez had said his comments had been misunderstood and that would love to visit Israel again.

Israel FA chairman Iche Menahem appealed to the fans to respect the French anthem, fearing possible sanctions from FIFA.

His calls went unheeded, however, with the noise drowning out the playing of the anthem by an Israel Police band.

Do the "Israelis" ever wonder why they're hated so much? Or maybe they just love playing the victim game so it doesn't matter anyway? Hooligans? No. Racists? Yes.

Good on Barthez. I have even more respect for the guy. In my miserable French accent, "allez les bleus!"*

* A French football chant

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