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Monday, March 21, 2005

The two "p"s Sfeir loves

If you read this article, you will wonder if Sfeir is a Patriarch or a politician. Maybe Sfeir wants to run for the "Christian presidency"?

So Sfeir says, "opposition will join government if given half the seats in Cabinet". I wonder, is Sfeir worried that if true elections are held, he and his cronies will lose more seats than they had under the previous government (or regime as they like to call it)?

He also advises that "
no one should let a political vacuum occur." But he forgets that the "political vacuum" was created by the very entity (giving it the benefit of the doubt re its unity) called the "opposition".

On Hezballah's disarming, the old wise man said, "
It's a question for the three nations - Lebanon, Syria and Israel - to discuss."

What does Israel, or Syria for that matter, have anything to do with Hezballah?!??!

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