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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The UN continues to whine about Hariri probe, but ignores the situation in Lebanon

The UN keeps stirring the pot along with its buddies USA and Israel, and in the meantime a new explosion rocks Lebanon. The exposion occured in the "Madine Sina3iyye" (industrial area) near Dikweneh, a "Christian area".

Madine Sina3iyye

What I don't understand is why only Christian areas are being targeted... The opposition claims it has the support of the Druze and Sunnis, in addition to the Christians. So if the culprit is Syria, I don't see why they would only target Christians or Christian areas. It makes no sense.

Wow. Did you look at the LFPM forum by any chance? They're pointing the finger at Syria again.............

Those people are nutcases. Wow.
I just watched BBC, and they said 2 foreign workers have died in the blast... The thing is, it's obvious that Christians are not being targeted per se. The bombs are intended to spread fear and anger, and as a result, militancy, in the already-anti-Syrian Christians...
"along with its buddies USA and Israel"

That must be why the US always overrides the UN's attempted sanctions on Israel. Get real, the UN is no friend of Israel or America.
And the UN is doing what over the 60 some resolutions it passed against "Israel"?

Compare that to what the UN is doing with Lebanon & Syria.

If we saw that kind of UN pressure on "Israel", the region would've been a better and a more peaceful place a looong time ago.
Have you been to Israel? There are UN troops everywhere. The UN has put more pressure on Israel than any other country. The only reason Israel is able to blow them off is because the US overrides their authority.
Dan for all i know it could be the right-wing christian setting these bombs and fires in order to blame Syria or the muslims, didn't Samir Geagea do the same thing with the church bombing, i mean you can't trust these people, if somebody wants to set off a bomb, they would make a big bomb that will kill lots of people and destroy lots of buildings, imean the bomb did look big but not to many people were killed, if it was Syria or Lebanese who are against the opposition what do they have to lose to make a big bomb and kill lots of people, i don't know but it is very possible they are doing this to themselves to blame others.
It is the Moossad! This is well known! Why are you blind to Zionist provokkkation?
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