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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Zoom out & count, we are the majority and we are 100% Lebanese...

Zoom out

Walla, we zoomed in instead of zooming out, and look what we found:

Sri Lankans


What a shame it is about the sri lankan workers, they are really mistreated there man, you know what we have to do, wehave to create a group or a commite that looks out for the rights of these workers, we have to show not all Lebanese are chauvinist stuck up bastards, i hate the way many treat their workers, work is work and that is fine but their is a lot of mistreatment towards these women who sacrifice and work hard and leave their children and country to provide for them, there needs to be a group that they can getin contact with and report any abuse, when i go into Lebanon i really want to look into starting something like that or joining up with people who are doing that already.

Also why are all the signs in english for, why no arabic signs?
I know, man.. my neighbours had a Sri Lankan "maid" and they used to mistreat her soooo much, it was literal physical abuse too... :\ She ran away. Can you imagine how desperate she was, she used sheets to escape from the balcony..... :\ But they eventually caught her... :\ :( It's a shame, really. It makes me sooooooo mad the way they treat foreign workers.

I know, eh.. with those signs.. it proves that they're just putting on a show for the international media... the anti-1559 groups when protesting, they have mostly signs in Arabic...
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