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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And they wonder why...

Members of the so-called "opposition" (read: majority Christian supporters of the racist LF, tyrant Aoun, and terrorist Bush) wonder why Hezballah and other Lebanese reject 1559. They ask, what is wrong with USA interfering if that would guarantee that we would be free of Syrian control? Some of them argue USA might not have "other" plans for Lebanon after all, that we should stop seeing conspiracies in every small thing. They accuse us of using that simply as an excuse for maintaining Syrian control over Lebanon. They accuse us of abandoning the Lebanese and their cause and supporting another country - namely Syria. They say we are traitors. Most of the time I don't reply to these accusations and smear campaigns. This time around, however, I will explain why *I* (I don't claim to be the spokesperson of the anti-"opposition" camp) don't support the "opposition".

On the question of Hezballah's status, Bush said: "There is a reason why we've put Hizbullah on a terrorist list. They've killed Americans in the past." He then thought it would be appropriate of him [as the defender of the "opposition"] to add: "You can't have a free country if a group of people are like an armed militia." Mr. Bush forgets that even before the Hezballah killed Americans, U.S "peacekeepers" had effectively taken sides (always with the side that supported "Israel") and occasionally fired on Chouf villages. Will the real Druze please stand up? Now you will accuse me of trying to break the so-called unity and sow sectarian hatred (as if it somehow disappeared), but I will tell you that I am not. I am the last person to be interested in sectarian issues; I am, after all, an atheist. I simply don't care about religion. Period. The reason I address the Druze is that I still have some hope that they would stop being so blind and realise that their leader Walid beik is deceiving them about what it means to be supportive of the "opposition". I have no such hope from the Maronites. I've "washed my hands off" the Lebanese Christians. Do you know, some advocate federalism and the transfer of Christians to the "Christian side" and Muslims to the "Muslim side" under that plan. Others hate the Palestinian refugees so much (as if they are not oppressed enough by them already) that they would not hesitate to deport or massacre them (again). Still others claim Lebanon should be "clean" of all "foreign" elements, including its very own citizens who happen to be of Armenian (Christian) background. I suppose they are bitter that the Armenian community (there were individuals who joined - my current neighbour being one of them) refused to join the Phalangists. In fact, there were fierce battles waged and massacres perpetrated by the latter against the former for that very reason, until, that is, the Armenians took up arms and took control over the defense of their "areas". So I have no hope in this matter from Lebanon's Christians as a whole.

Moreover, Bush said that if Lebanon failed to force Hezballah to disarm, it would provide assistance. What do "opposition" supporters think about this? Is it sovereign enough for them? Or is there enough lack of interference by a "foreign power" in its affairs? Are the so-called patriots not angered and humiliated by such statements? How can they ever be silent to, no, rather, supportive of, such a thing? Moreover, how can they support such a thing at one moment then yell "freedom, independence, sovereignty!" at another? Are they that blind so as not to realise that their double standards are rendering them the laughing-stock of anyone sane (and not subscribing to American propaganda) out there? I say sane because it is most certainly insane to be a member of this hypocritical group that calls itself "the opposition" and assumes the title of patriotism. And I do not intend to attach to this the statement "so that is why you should support the anti-"opposition" side" - that would be a false dichotomy fallacy, one that is unfortunately put to use all the time in Lebanon). Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and the purity of its heart." This is too true. Think about what has been done in the course of history in the name of patriotism, of king and country, of clergy and religion. You don't have to look further than Iraq and the police state the United States itself has become to see how true this is. Many, many wrong things have been done, and much blood has been shed in the name of liberty, patriotism, sovereignty, and independence. At the end of the day we must at least question if not outright reject these social constructs (or at least the manner in which they are [mis]represented) that have plagued us for millenia. For me freedom might sound and feel true, for others that same freedom might mean quite the opposite, even death. Political absolutism, this adopted child of successive U.S governments, possesses the power to oppress dissenters and become that which it claimed to be rebelling against: a defender of oppression, corruption, and dare I say it, un-patriotism.

So for the sake of humanity, please drop this destructive concept of yours and stop weaving a web of arguments with it. The sooner you stop, the better. Now you see what my problem with the "opposition" is. You have your concept of patriotism, and I my own. But let us stop thinking about and more importantly planning on imposing our personal views on each other. In fact, when I say "us", I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and treating you as an equal when it comes to the use and abuse of that term. I for one do not use it to drive my point home. The only time I ever take the word patriotism in my mouth is when I point to the fact that you are using it and abandoning it at the same time. At least when you decide on a concept stick to it rather than yo-yo-ing back and forth between the two positions.

On another note, I wonder how big Bush's "aid" package to the "opposition" will be in return for the settling of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

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