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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blog business

I guess we're stuck with Blogspot and my current host. 1) I don't like Wordpress 2) I already tried other software too (one of them being Greymatter) and didn't like them 3) I'm not sure if the host I was thinking of switching to is reliable (I believe the hosting offer is only for 1 year, whereas this one is more than that). So we will have to make do with the Google Ads, some of which is pro-"Israeli". I know it sucks.

I will update the look of the blog (i.e. template) in the coming few days. I will try to keep it as quick-loading as possible, as I know the pains that dial-up users have to go through.

And in case you did not notice, there is a new poll in the sidebar. So practise your democratic "right" and vote!

Yesterday I bought myself a brand new chess board (the old one is in Lebanon). Anyone up for a "long distance" chess game? :) Let me know. I promise I won't kick your arse. Not too much anyway. :D

Alright, off to refreshing the news sites to see if there's anything worth reading.

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