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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Drama ... but not a genocide"

Turkish Jewish businessman Jak Kamhi, the founder and chairman of Profilo, a large electronics and appliance manufacturing company [...] counts various U.S. presidents and Israeli prime ministers among his friends. Speaking in his cavernous Istanbul office, which is furnished with toffee-colored leather chairs and couch, Kamhi says he has helped the fight against the Armenian claims out of a sense of duty to the memory of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. "[Countering] the so-called genocide is more important for the Jews in the Diaspora and Israel than the Turks," Kamhi says. "It is not something you can compare to the Holocaust and the genocide that happened in Europe. You can speak about a drama, about many other things, but not about a genocide. That happened in Europe."

The Jerusalem Report, May 2005 issue

dan, this is an excellent blog. I just found it through Semitism.net. I'm linking it to my blog. Especially impressed with the Armenian material.
Hey there. Thanks for linking to me. I had seen your blog before but had lost the URL. I linked to yours too. :)
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