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Saturday, April 02, 2005


"hacked by arab-sup7 no israil". Or so say the people who hacked the "Isreally" website. ;)

At the bottom of the page they say:

HACKED BY arab-sup7

If by the time you see this entry and check out the website it's back up again, which I doubt, let me know and I'll post some screenshots. ;)

This all might be just a hoaxes to gain popularity and sympathy. If I were the hacker, and got to this stage of controlling the website, I would delete maybe everything and display pro-Palestine stuff. But that didn't happen. I can see many sections maintained on the sidebar as well all the ads, which makes me doubt the fact of being hacked.
Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Hmm. Maybe you're right. Either way, if what you say is true, that's very lame of them if they have to resort to that kind of thing to get sympathy and/or support. hahahaha...
Even more confusing is the fact that now it's changed from Arab to Turkish...

At the moment it says:

It gets more and more confusing. Now it says "HACKED BY FERI ATS &Arab-sup7"

Under zionist research (right column) it says:لا يوجد محتويات لهذه المجموعة حاليا

Also notice the Turkish hackers' banner.... Hmm..
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