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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hezballah drone over occupied Palestine Posted by Hello

hizballah got guts and courage, thank god we have them.
Yup, had it not been for Hezballah, the "Israelis" would've built settlements in South Lebanon too. Hezballah perhaps holds the only victory against "Israelis" that the Arab world has ever registered. And the corrupt warlords (better known as "opposition") want to see them disarmed to further their sectarian agendas. Hezballah doesn't care about a confessional system since the majority are Shi'ites anyway. The ironic thing is, it is the "opposition" that does not believe in real democracy: sectarian division of seats IS against democracy, since it does not reflect the will of the people. Yet Another Opposition Hypocrisy (YAOH for short - since we're gonna mention this time and again from now on...).
intifafa and end racism....where can we find you? Do you have an address?
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