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Monday, April 11, 2005

Hezballah drone "unacceptable"

I noticed this on the Ha'aretz news ticker: Foreign Ministry says Hezbollah aerial drone flights are "unacceptable" (AP)

No!!! Really?!? Surely you must be kidding????

Edit: Ha'aretz now reports that "
Israel's Air Force launched fighter planes in response, but they failed to bring down the drone" and that "[t]he Air Force's anti-aircraft systems picked up the drone but did not fire rockets at it, and the F-16 planes did not hit it either."

BBC, on the other hand, reports the following: "Witnesses in Lebanon said that just after Hezbollah's statement, Israeli jet fighters overflew the port city of Tyre and a nearby Palestinian refugee camp, causing sonic booms."

Detected it my arse!

Now you can see why "Israel" desperately wants 1559 to be implemented. All hail the "opposition"! Doing "Israel's" job in the name of "Lebanese patriotism"!

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