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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Israel" doesn't need Palestinian goyim

This is not news, but since it was repeated on Ha'aretz, I thought I might post this proof that "Israelis" (by that I mean Jews, because non-Jews are not really "Israelis") are not racist:

"Israel" is planning on banning Palestinian "foreign" labourers from the country. In the meantime, "Israel" will be depending on the more "correct" kind of people, i.e. non-Palestinian labourers.

Ha'aretz claims that "[b]anning Palestinian labor is part of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan, which aims to separate the two peoples by withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank this summer, and completing the separation fence between Israel and the West Bank."

Right, so now "Israel" just wants to separate from Palestinians (and what is "Israel" going to do about its Palestinian CITIZENS? Separate them too? Not for now, surely. But maybe by 2025? Perhaps we should stop worrying, 'cos those smart "Israelis" can always come up with new technologies that would put an end to goy fertility in the Holy [Jewish] Land, eh?). And what a man of peace this Sharon guy has become! Unbelievable (indeed). I nominate him for the Nobel (that's right, the irony, Nobel invented the TNT - he was a Sharon kinda guy after all!) "Peace" Prize.

Ha'aretz - though without realising it - continues to expose the idiocy (or to be more politically correct, naiveté?) of "Israelis" (and here I was beating myself for being a "British dolt" and a "dumb goy"):

"[W]hen a wave of suicide bombings struck Israeli buses and shopping centers, the idea of separating Jews and Arabs became popular in Israel."

Say what? I thought there were Arabs who died in those bombings too. Maxim's restaurant rings a bell? Here we go again with the fetish of "us Jews are always the victims. The only ones at that, too." Moreover, are "Israelis" actually as dumb as I believe they are? I mean, can they not realise that this separation (which in the case of "Israel" is always coupled with oppression, since that separation is based on land and resource theft which results in the economic debasement of "the other") that seems to be giving them wet dreams is the very reason for such attacks? Yes yes, a Jew ("Israeli"?) says, "let's build walls and imprison ourselves and we can all live happily ever after, seeing only Jews, talking only with Jews, and dealing only with Jews. Everything Jewish (and clean of all those filthy, unchosen goyim). Since those goyim are just sooooo below us. G-d says so!" *looks up a verse in the Torah*

Now now, I'm an anti-Semite, aren't I? But wait, Semite? Semite? I thought the same Jews who yell "anti-Semitism" every step of the way argue that there is no such thing as a Semitic race and that it was all created by a racist Englishman. Do I see some contradiction here?

Pardon the sarcasm. I'm in that kinda mood today, ya know?

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