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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lebanese Army? Hezballah fighters? Syrian loyalists? No, they are the real Lebanese. Maronites, that is. Christian supporters of... the Lebanese Forces... and of course the disarmament of all militias...  Posted by Hello

How many weapons do the Lebanese Forces have?
I am no LF partisan, but you cannot label groups what they are not.
I'm no fan of the SSNP, but I don't make it seem like they are a bunch of Hitler Youth. However, I do comment when their exhibitions spew anti-Jew hate.
The LF have calmed down a lot in recent years. And I'm glad the Aouni are there to keep them in check. When the LF starts chanting things about the Virgin Mary, the Aouni are the only ones screaming out for secularism. We others cannot get away with those kinds of statements for fear of starting some sort of sectarian fight.
"How many weapons do the Lebanese Forces have? I am no LF partisan, but you cannot label groups what they are not."

What are the Lebanese Forces NOT? Not a militia? Is that what you mean? But of course they are. Not only do they have weapons, their attitudes are characteristic of a milita (even if they don't have any weapons).

Anti-Jew hatred? I am not aware of when and where the SSNP has officially adopted such wording. Moreover, why don't you talk about anti-Syrian hatred trumpted all over the place in the name of "independence" and "revolution", by FPM, LF, Kata'eb, etc.?

SSNP is also secular.

Moreover, LF can chant Virgin Mary all they want (and I wouldn't give a damn about it), but they have no right to force their views or lifestyle on anyone (which they want to do) or talk about kicking any Lebanese out of Lebanon (which they do) or turning Lebanon into a Christian country (which they've also talked about time & again).
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