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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lebanese soup / شوربة لبنانية

8 days to the 30th anniversary of the Lebanese "civil" war, and the Lebanese Forces have already made a comeback. Reuters reports:
BEIRUT (Reuters) - A spate of bombings has brought Christian youths onto the streets of east Beirut, checking each night for parked cars from outside the neighborhood and occasionally stopping drivers to ask where they are heading.


Hannouche and his Maronite Christian friends, mostly in their late teens or early 20s, gather each night on a street corner in Beirut's Ain al-Roumaneh area watching for suspicious cars or wandering around a nearby church they fear might be hit.


[George] Hannouche's group and others like it guarding strategic points around the Christian area say no one in their community directed them to act. But most, nonetheless, claim allegiance to the Lebanese Forces (LF), a banned wartime Christian militia. One youth wore the LF's stylized crucifix symbol.


Ain al-Roumaneh, where the civil war began with Christian gunmen attacking a bus full of Palestinians, stands on a section of the old wartime front, or so-called Green Line, between Christian east Beirut and the mainly Muslim west of the city.
U.N. envoy Terje Roed-Larsen said the bombings and "embryo" vigilante groups could undermine Lebanon's stability. لأ، ولا؟

"The distance from forming a vigilante group to establishing a militia is extremely short," he told Reuters. Especially if those "vigilante" groups already have weapons.
The LF keeps showing signs of readiness for another round of fighting, while the UN continues to whine and Walid beik & co. coordinate their next course of action under the supervision of the American finger that is so keen on mixing the Lebanese soup.

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