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Monday, April 18, 2005

Letter to the Editors of Ha'aretz

Re: Ha'aretz plays hide & seek

I sent the following letter to the editors of Ha'aretz:

Dear Editors,

I am writing this e-mail with regards to the article that appeared on Ha'aretz yesterday (April 17, 2005) titled Waiting for the denial to end (Dalia Shehori). I noticed the link to it on the main page of the English version of Ha'aretz but it was removed shortly thereafter. Not even the search engine could find the article. I happened to have bookmarked it and could show it to family and friends.

I am not sure why the link was removed in such a hasty manner. I would like to think that it was not due to external pressures, or even worse, internal ones. When I saw the article, I was impressed that Ha'aretz had posted something that went "against" government policy in what is one of the most shameful denialist acts by the very people who are supposed to be against such denial. Unfortunately, that didn't last long, as the article was removed shortly after I noticed it.

I would like to know why it was removed, and I sincerely hope that Ha'aretz would do the right thing and put it back up. I, too, am waiting for the denial to end. Not only the government's denial, but also the denial by many independent institutions in Israel as well as in many Jewish communities worldwide.


Dan Marsden

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