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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Meeting Robert Fisk

I recently found out that I had been linked to on a number of blogs, the most striking being the following. Well I am impressed (especially with the last of the 3 links). And I must add, very surprised. I didn't expect to be linked to on so many blogs. I guess I'm getting notorious around here... :) Anyway, I was looking at that blog, and I found something interesting. 4th & 5th pictures. Yes, that's Robert Fisk. THE Robert Fisk. I'm jealous. I mean, I do have some issues with his articles lately, but, and that is a BIG but, Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon was simply too good a book to be overshadowed by a couple of not-so-good articles by Fisk. You should all (no ifs, buts, and maybes) BUY that book. Forget Thomas Friedman, especially that you now have a guide to writing your very own Thomas Friedman op-ed column. Happy? I am sure Prof. As'ad will love this - that's if he hasn't seen it already (the guy sure gets around the web!). Anyway, back to Robert Fisk. I would like to meet him one day. Now, I know he wouldn't say no to free dinner, so I might actually stand a chance. ;) Anyway, I would like to meet him for a few reasons, one of them being that I absolutely loved his book, another being that I would like to personally thank him for his heroic reporting from Lebanon, another for his report on Qana massacre, and finally to ask him if he knew (or had met) my dad by any chance. I doubt it but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Yes, that's my dream. Meeting Mr. Fisk. Do I sound pathetic? :)

Daniel - I wanted to say that your posts on the Armenian Holocaust are very moving, and also quite eye-opening for me.

As a Jew, and as someone deeply disturbed by the twentieth century's trail of genocidal violence, I'd like to join you in deploring statements by my own people that try to deny or minimize what happened to the Armenians. From all that you say, it clearly was every bit as horrible as our experience under the Nazis.

I definitely want to learn more about the history, and will follow the links here and those you left on my site. I will add my voice to those who call for remembrance and acknowledgement of the Armenian Holocaust.

My blog will join the list of sites that link to Winds of Change.
You deserve all those links Dan, you have an excellent blog. How did you find out who is linking to you?
Thank you, Andrew. I only hope for a better understanding between people. And thank you for linking to my blog.

As for learning about the history, I recommend books by Vahakn Dadrian. And for Israel's denial of the Armenian Genocide, I recommend Yair Auron's "The Banality of Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide". Also recommended is Peter Balakian's "The Burning Tigris", which I am reading at the moment.

Thanks for your comment too, Sasa.

The way I found out that I was linked to on those pages was through my stat counter which shows details of referrals to my blog.
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