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Friday, April 01, 2005

Myth: Armenians cannot be racist or advocate the genocide of others

I can't backtrack my steps to find out how I found this guy, but finding out about him was a very enlightening experience. His name is Mike Nargizian. As the last name suggests, he is an Armenian. But he is not just any regular (if there is any such thing as that) Armenian, he is an "Israeli"-Armenian. Moreover, he is a "zionist". Now you tell me there is a zionist Armenian out there and I will laugh out loud. It's a hilarious thing to say. It is, well, DUMB to think that Armenians would ever support zionism for its ideology. There is a very interesting phenomenon in many Armenians, one that could be called "the genocide syndrome" (which is another dumb excuse for another dumb Armenian behaviour), which is characterised simply by a hatred of Muslims. If you ask them why they hate Muslims, they wouldn't know what to tell you. Indeed many deny that their support of George Bush and zionists has anything to do with hating Muslims. But behind the scenes there is a lot of anti-Muslim (and often anti-Arab) sentiment (especially among Armenians in USA and Europe). At home Armenian children are taught that Muslims are filthy or simply not on the same level as they are. They are not allowed to play with Muslim children (now that's an unholy thing if any, playing with a Muslim child!). As teenagers or adults living at home, they cannot bring their Muslim friends home (a big no-no). This was (and still is) the situation in our house too. And I know it is also true of most Armenians here in Canada and the large Armenian community in L.A as well as in Lebanon. Anyway not to get carried away; right, I was talking about that guy. Well, here's a letter he has sent to Professor Norman Finkelstein:
4 October 2002

HEY NORM, just writing to check in and see how the Jewish Jihad or Zionist Jihad is going? How has the applaud from Arab "Media" outlets been going? You still a regular on Al Manar television.

Keep me posted Norm. What a meaningful life you lead. :-)
A beacon of light in an otherwise dark world.
First of all, fucking illiterate man (I hope you're reading this) that is not how you write a letter to a professor, no matter how much you disagree with or have disrespect for him/her. That is the first pointer to lack of any knowledge of or interest in the conflict or of/in Mr. Finkelstein's position for that matter. It also shows that your position is not one of legitimate concern or involvement but one of trollish, non-ideological support for the zionists based on prejudices you have acquired from some unknown sources. You, sir, are an Armenian on zionist payroll, working in a smear campaign to delegitimise the quite real and legitimate concern of people like Finkelstein and Chomsky (as much as I dislike the latter).

But, this is not to paint all Armenians with the same brush. There are many (although most of them are silent) who do see the injustice done to the Palestinians and refuse to be blind to it based on some illegitimate justification that most of them are Muslims (what of that?). Here's an excerpt from a letter (dated 24 April 2002) sent to Prof. Finkelstein by another Armenian:
I was drafted to be a soldier during WWII, and was in southern Germany in an artillery battalion when the war ended. I used to say that even though I did not want to die because others had made a mess of the world, that at least I was helping the Jews, victims similar to my parents. How naive. After years of thinking that the Israelis were in the right in the Mideast, I began to realize that they did not want peace, wanted all the land, and were persecuting and killing the Palestinians. Even though the Palestinians are Muslims, (like the Turks), I saw that they were the new victims and disgusted that the US was supporting the state that was out to kill them off. (italics are my own)There are few men of real compassion these days, and thank you for being one of them. It's the honesty, fairness and morality of people like you, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and other that gives me some hope that all people are not self serving killers.

My sincerest best wishes to you, Jack Minassian.
It is about time that the Armenian community addressed the anti-Muslim sentiments that are so common in Armenian homes, schools, community centres, and even (believe it or not) churches.

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