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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Orphans of Tal Afar

You've probably seen this picture:

Tal Afar

More photos

Hussein Hassan was hurrying to get home. His wife, Kamila, sat beside him in the family Opel; their five youngest children, 2 to 14, were squeezed in the back seat with a 6-year-old cousin. They had been at his brother's house, but now curfew was 15 minutes away, and Tal Afar's streets are no place for a family after dark. Hussein turned off Tal Afar's main traffic circle onto Mansour Boulevard. Rakan was first to spot the soldiers in the deepening dusk. They were waving their arms and raising their assault rifles. The boy jumped up in the back seat. Before he could open his mouth to warn his father, a storm of gunfire struck the car, killing both parents and covering the children with their blood. What do you do when you're in the dark in a foreign land where you're not wanted and are therefore on your guard for "terrorist" attacks, and are expecting the driver of the car to see YOU but not YOU to see who's in that car? You open fire. Truly liberating.

See the liberated Hassan children:

Tal Afar
Jilan, far left with her siblings, wants to 'kill the Americans'.

Must be the Arab terrorist gene.

The surprising thing is, the occupying powers and their zionist allies point out the fact that those are "children" (and are ought to be treated as such) if and when they are part of the resistance to the occupation of Iraq (or Palestine), but not when those same children are being killed by the hundreds and thousands.

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