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Monday, April 04, 2005

Q: What's left of the "Israeli" left?

A: Not much. (Not that it ever existed).

Poll: Most Israeli Jews say Israeli Arabs should emigrate

Right, let's talk more on "Israeli" (Jewish?) tolerance. All comments (including Boker Tov-ish types) welcome.

Anyway, the last time I checked, there were few countries where the majority called for the mass emigration of the minority who were citizens of the same country. And indeed if such a call were made against Jews, the Jewish communities elsewhere would have created a huge uproar about it. Alright, so the majority of "Israelis" (not "Israeli Jews", you're either both Jewish and a citizen or are neither) want "Israeli Arabs" out of the country. I don't see what the big deal is? After all, those damn Arabs are causing the expulsion of Jews from their homes! Of course, we just don't like the fact that the so-called expulsion is designed in order to prevent the return of more than a million Palestinians to "Israel" or for that matter to the West Bank. They can have some of Garbage Bank and the huge Gaza Strip. They can always fit another 1.5 million into Gaza, non?

The logic behind this is simple: If Jews aren't allowed in Palestine, why should Palestinians be allowed in Israel?
The Jews DID live in Palestine. They are not allowed to live in Gaza and the West Bank NOW because, well, because if they do insist on being allowed to "return" there, then they will be asked to allow Arabs to live in "Israel". The "disengagement" is all about that, other than of course cementing "Israel's" hold on much of the West Bank and more importantly East Jerusalem.
I mean, not allowed to by Palestinian consensus, not according to the status quo. Anyway, why are you whining so much about this? I thought you had your own country, or is that not enough?

I don't understand why anyone from Boker Tov wants to talk to you. You don't want to debate Zionism, you don't make any distinction between Jews and Israelis--and SOME Israelis are now quite clear about the existence of a Palestinian people as opposed to "Arabs of the Land of Israel." You give no credit to Israelis who want a full democracy, or who want a unitary Israel-Palestine. You're a Hamasnik. You want us GONE. What's to discuss?
Ohhh. Poor victimised you (again with the "we're always the victims"). You, unlike the Palestinians, are not indigenous to that land. So naturally I would want you gone. There are very FEW "Israelis" who favour a one-state solution. The majority either want to get away with the land theft and ethnic cleansing that took place in 1948 by "giving" (as if they ever owned it) the West Bank and Gaza (and not all of the former, mind you! Greed overrides their logic), or they just want to see the Palestinians gone in one way or the other (through deportation, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, you can pick & choose). I don't see why I should have any respect for the general "Israeli" population. I have none. And you can yell "anti-Semite" all you want, I will still not have an ounce of respect (or sympathy) for your kind. When "Israelis" start acting like human beings I will look at them like fellow human beings. Until then, they are worse than animals. They are greedy, they are murderous, they are hateful, they are racist. And I have no respect for racist people. The "Israelis" do not deserve respect by "virtue" of their identification as "Israelis". It's time you gave up on your idealism. People are respected when and because they deserve respect. So far (in 50+ years), the "Israelis" have proven that they are the most unworthy of respect.

The Palestinians have shown you FAR more respect than you ever will get from me. And I respect them all the more for it. They have shown that THEY are the ones who WANT a solution to this. That THEY are willing to make compromises. That THEY are willing to accept co-existence. YOU, in contrast, the more the Palestinians show signs of wanting peace, show more signs of greediness and use and abuse the situation to murder more Palestinians, bulldoze more houses, and steal more land. And I can't say you don't deserve what you get after doing that.
you don't make any distinction between Jews and Israelis
I thought the "Israelis" (i.e. Jews, because those Arab "citizens" are just not chosen enough to be "Israelis") didn't make that distinction either. Or the "Israeli" government or Jewish lobby in USA for that matter.
Jews are allowed to live in Palestine (i.e. West Bank and Gaza). What is illegal under international humanitarian law is confiscating Palestinian land in order to house Israeli Jews on it, and treating those Israeli Jews as if they had more rights than the indigenous Palestinians. The prolem has never been about religion, nor really about "peace" either, it has always been about equality and civil rights, something that Israel, by its very nature, negates. And unfortunately, something that most Israeli Jews do not at present believe in.

A few well-known examples of Jews who live in Palestine are the Ha'aretz reporter Amira Haas, the co-founder of ISM, Neta Golan, and civil rights lawyer Allegra Pacheco.

Various Palestinian villages have invited Israeli Jews from Ta'ayush(Arab-Jewish Partnership), Anarchists Against the Wall, and other civil rights to live in their villages. Also ISM volunteers, about 30% of whom are Jewish, have likewise been invited to join them.
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