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Friday, April 01, 2005

Right = Righteous?

Just came across this.

Hah! The funniest bit is the bumper sticker on Nazism, communism, and slavery. It claims that war put an end to all three. Hmm? Perhaps those people need History 101? After all, it was Hitler who took it to the battlefield and annexed neighbouring countries. Did I miss something, or what?

Sometimes I wish the other side (i.e. fascists, neo-Nazis, also known as "Republicans", "zionists", and "pro-"Israelis"") were more competent. Constantly exposing their lies and fallacies becomes boring after a while.

Perhaps the right just can't afford to get a dictionary (don't blame it for bombing Iraq, it needed the oil!), so maybe we can enrol it in English 101, you know, 'cos it doesn't seem to know that "right" and "righteous" are two different words.

In other news, the last seminar in my undergraduate life ended with an interesting confrontation. Well, it was not a confrontation per se, but a very awkward situation (hilariously so). Those of you who haven't read Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus might not fully understand its significance. One of the students in the class (a zionist, from what I and others gathered from previous conversations) said that she thought Titus Andronicus was awesome, that it was the best play written by Shakespeare. The professor challenged her on that. He started a very eloquent rant, which went on for a good 2 minutes. Alas I did not have my laptop or tape recorder with me to record it. But it went something like this: [start of rant] Titus Andronicus is awesome? Now that's degraded. Our culture has become so degraded, even more so than it was in Shakespeare's time. Titus Andronicus is about people who punished others by taking their guts out while they were alive. Fucking degraded. Now you tell me that's awesome? I would not be surprised, since our culture places high emphasis on the 'heroism' behind such acts, when you have video games where you can bomb cities, where you have leaders like George Dubya bombing the shit out of Baghdad. Fucking degraded, that is what Titus Andronicus is. Why? Because it offers no comment on the immorality or meaninglessness of such things. Whereas with King Lear for example, it is different. [end of rant] By the time he finished, everyone's jaws had dropped. And me? Well, I was nodding in approval of his rant the whole time. Bravo! But one thing was on my mind throughout the whole thing, will he be charged with "anti-Semitism"? Ahem.

Sometimes I wish the other side (i.e. fascists, neo-Nazis, also known as "Republicans", "zionists", and "pro-"Israelis"") were more competent. Constantly exposing their lies and fallacies becomes boring after a while.

I'm curious as to how you define "competence." The "other side" controls the Presidency and both houses of Congress in the most powerful country in the World. The "Zionists" and "pro-Israelis" are the dominant power in the Middle East.

You can delete this if you want, or you can confront reality and maintain your integrity. Your choice. Cheers!
I did not delete your previous comments because I was in denial of reality. I deleted it because you were being a troll. Quit being one and I will stop deleting your posts.

The zionists might be the dominant power in the Middle East, but that doesn't necessarily imply that they are competent in terms of their justifications or arguments. When it comes to that, as much as I dislike the mainstream left, they (i.e. zionists and their allies the right-wingers) are the most incompetent.
Fair enough. Mazel tov on being the most competent then! I'll take incompetence and holding power any day though, to each their own I suppose.
Yes, that is exactly what Hitler thought too.

Oops, did I just make baby Godwin cry? No matter, here's the bottle of milk, here here.
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