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Monday, April 25, 2005

Syria out, and first fight already

Supporters of LF and FPM clash in Martyrs' Square

Yup, and this is the beginning of the end, folks. The end to the so-called "unity", that is. The first pointer to it was this, and now my doubts have been confirmed. But, an Antoinette Geagea dismissed the incident:
"Why is the media making such a big deal of this? It is just a childish argument by some boys aged 16-17 whom I doubt know what is really happening between the political parties."

Well, dearest Antoinette Geagea, it takes as little as 16-17 year olds to start a civil war in Lebanon.

Hi there Dan! Great blog and thx for defending me on Semitism.net. Believe it or not, I do take a strong stand against what I consider to be anti-Semitism.
Hello and thanks for your comment. I am against racism, but I am also against hypocrisy and smear campaigning. There was no racism in that article; if people are afraid of the truth, they should at least try to challenge it rather than smear those who voice it with labels and/or silence them.

As I said to Mr. Andrew Schamess too, I would like to see him talk about the Jewish denial of the Armenian Genocide on Semitism.net. Until he does that, I will continue to accuse him of being a denier himself, and a racist to boot, unless he stops with his smear campaigning. I believe in similar treatment for all. So if he's going to go on a smear campaign fest, I will do that too.

I don't usually read Semitism.net. I noticed a link to the post on rafahpundits.com (which has ironically taken on a rather pro-"Israel" stance of late in an effort to be politically correct). In fact, after commenting on Semitism.net, I also left a comment on rafahpundits. But it's "awaiting moderation". Here is what I posted:

I think you are being a bit too obsessed about anti-Semitism, Andrew. And I say it with all due respect.

If someone posts something on their blog, it doesn’t mean one agrees with everything that articles says. Heck, I post a lot of anti-Arab quotes / articles on my blog. It doesn’t mean I’m anti-Arab (in fact, I’ve lived with/among Arabs all my life, and I am more pro-Arab than many Arabs). Moreover, you are jumping the gun. The article on Hollywood & Jews, while could be argued is anti-Semitic, could be defended against such claims very easily. In fact, it seems to be more of a criticism of the constant reminder of “The Holocaust” (and by using quotation marks I am not denying that it has taken place, only that it is assuming the identity of “the only Holocaust” - the term Holocaust, btw, was first used in reference to the Armenian Genocide, and not, as is mistakenly told time and again, in reference to the Jewish Holocaust) as if it justifies further wrongdoing.

In fact, by supporting such occurences, you are setting the stage for more and more abuse of the victims’ memory (and isn’t THAT anti-Semitic!). Is it anti-Semitic to say that the Jewish Holocaust should not be used 24/7 to argue that certain actions are right and wrong, that the world must treat all Jews, regardless of what wrong things they do, with respect? If it is, then count me in your list of anti-Semites. Honestly, I think this IS in fact bordering on witch-hunting. This is ridiculous.
Yes, I am actually; lebenese armenian. Do i look familiar?... Hmm...we're probably related somehow...i have family all across the map...jk.
Where are you from?
lol... :P Well I'm only half-Armenian (and half-English). I have family all over the world, but I've lived most of my life in Lebanon. :)
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