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Friday, April 15, 2005

A Tale of Two Infiltrations

We must, of course, put "Israel's" case first, since the lives of its (Jewish) citizens are more valuable and important than the lives of, for example, Lebanese civilians, and in particular the "wrong kind" (according to the peace-loving "opposition") of them (Shi'ites). Here's what Ha'aretz (the supposedly+ left-leaning newspaper) reports:
The Israel Offense* Forces will investigate how a Fatah militant managed to infiltrate into a military base on the Golan Heights from Syria on Friday morning.

The man was captured after a shootout with IOF* troops, security sources said.

In a rare flare-up in the normally quiet Golan, the gunman penetrated the border fence and opened fired on the IOF's* Tel Hazeka outpost, northeast of Katzrin.

+ See *
* Necessary corrections made
The other case, and of course the less important one (since we all know that Lebanon is always the initiator of aggression) is the following incident, reported on both Daily Star and JPost but surprisingly not on Ha'aretz:
Lebanese authorities have captured two dogs that crossed the border from Israel, checking whether they were booby-trapped or carried electronic implants that could be used for spying, Lebanese security officials said Friday.

The two dogs, Shylo-type, "infiltrated" Lebanon on Thursday through an opening in the barbed wire fence that separates the Kfar Kila village in Southern Lebanon from the northern Israeli town of Metulla.
I am sure that in retaliation of this grave aggression by Lebanese authorities, "Israel" was FORCED to respond by flying its airplanes over Southern Lebanese towns...


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