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Monday, April 11, 2005

Tom Hurndall

Thanks to Rafahpundits for reminding me (I had totally forgotten it was 2 years ago today that Tom Hurndall was shot). Even though I had posted about Tom Hurndall before (on my old blog), I wanted to post again, out of respect for Tom and his loved ones.

On January 13, 2004, British activist and photojournalist Thomas Hurndall died of pneumonia while in a coma caused by an "Israeli" soldier on April 11, 2003, who shot him while he was escorting two Palestinian children to safety in Rafah.

I am sure the people over at Boker Tov will insist that he, too, was a terrorist.

Remember, Anne & co.,

You and yours are committing a genocide. And one day you will be in the same courts that the Nazi criminals were in. Recent events make me think it's going to be sooner than I was expecting it to be. So the bottom line is, you can try to hide your crimes behind Halabja & Saddam, but sooner or later you will be haunted by them; even if it's 90 years from the last Palestinian child you killed, you will be reminded time and again that you have blood on your hands (just like the Turks are haunted by the crimes their grandparents committed against Armenians), that you must admit to your wrongdoings, apologise, and compensate.

less than .01% of the palestinian population has been killed since the start of the intifada five years ago.

i five years, the nazi exterminated 60% of european jewry.

if israel's committing genocide, they're sure doing a shitty job.

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