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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We want the truth!

Lebanese policemen stand guard at a street-side cafeteria after an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, late Wednesday, April 20, 2005. A bomb exploded in a street-side cafeteria frequented by low-income laborers, wounding at least three people. The bomb, apparently a hand grenade, was thrown from a car in the Muslim neighborhood of Cola. Posted by Hello

Of course, this is not reported on any news agency websites (where are those unbiased sources such as CNN, Washington Post, Reuters, BBC, etc.?). Sources inform me that the grenade was hurled at a "cafe" frequented by Syrian labourers. 2 Syrians and 1 Lebanese were injured. We want the truth! Syria was behind it. One "opposition" and LFPM (Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement) supporter in fact said, "many parties+ in Lebanon still dont believe in Lebanon as an independent country, they consider it a part of Syria, maybe those parties are too sad that the syrians are almost gone and they started to act like lost kids." Yeah. You hit the nail right on the head. I mean, because the Lebanese* are such angels it's impossible to even think of them as holding guns let alone hurling grenades...

The above photo was taken from the Yahoo photo slideshows page. I don't know why they don't have any news reports on it (I came across it only when I searched "Lebanon grenade" rather than "Lebanon" - beats the purpose if you know that there was a grenade hurled in Lebanon, doesn't it?)... And I wonder why it says "low-income labourers" instead of bluntly saying "Syrian labourers".

And where are those news reports on the supposedly unbiased search (& destroy?) engine Google? The Google news page that lists news reports on Lebanon was updated 1 hour ago (edit: now 49 minutes ago), and still no trace of this or this or this. But, google Google News NOW with the following key phrase: "lebanon grenade". Beats the purpose, doesn't it? Gee, thanks Google and Yahoo! ! Such unbiased search engines indeed! Or maybe they were just innocently removing anti-Semitic content from the sensitive public eye... Yup, that's it, folks. I finally found the explanation to the mystery.

Edit 1: Check out Al Jazeera's report on the "incident". "The grenade was thrown by an unknown assailant after a parking dispute between three people in the Kola district, police said." Unknown??! What? You mean you didn't follow him?! How pro-Syrian of you! Shame shame. And parking dispute? Since when do Lebanese hurl grenades at one another based on a parking dispute? I haven't heard of such a thing taking place in Lebanon ever since the war (supposedly) ended. And then, "[o]ne hour later, 200 grams of TNT in a plastic bag exploded in an empty field in the Mamora neighbourhood [yup, it's definitely a parking dispute], a mainly Shia area on the outskirts of Beirut's southern suburbs, police sources said." I suppose that gives the Shi'ite Lebanese the right to set up "vigilante" groups and hawajez (checkpoints)? Notice how the police didn't even mention that the targets are Syrians (or even implied that those [literally] poor Shi'ites were being targeted - but we did see everyone whining about "Christian areas" being bombed and all those [figuratively] poor Christians fearing for their lives). Ahh, the winds of change indeed!

Edit 2: Interesting that not even Ha'aretz's article on the grenade was added by Google, when it has used it as a source on political developments in Lebanon before (for example, this one). Of course, Google finds nothing wrong in citing... Arutz Sheva on the ... massacre bombing of Qana.

Edit 3: In response to my sarcastic remarks that went as follows, "We want the truth! It was the Baath! It's OBVIOUS! Only Baath are able to commit such crimes!", a LFPM supporter said, "Baath? As in the party? It could be them or it could be others, it doesn't really matter." To which I replied, "Absolutely. But the Hariri bombing was ... definitely planned and executed by... "loyalists". Yup. Besides, it doesn't really matter."

Edit 4: Conclusion: Hezballah must be disarmed!

+ Probably referring to the SSNP (Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party)
* Does not include Hezballah as they are not Lebanese

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