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Friday, April 29, 2005

Winds of change haven't touched the media

I am sure many of you heard or read about the "kidnapping" of two supposedly "Israeli" citizens from the supposedly "Israeli" village of Al Ghajar. I was curious today (as always), so I ran a search on Google News and came up with 3 links on that report, the first from the left-leaning Ha'aretz, the second from Jerusalem Post, and the third from The Daily Star. If we are to believe the three mentioned articles, Al Ghajar village is located in "Israel"-proper. After all, none of the three papers, not even the Lebanese one, mentions that Al Ghajar is a village in the occupied Golan Heights. According to these unbiased and freedom-loving newspapers (the last bastions of truth and freedom in the Middle East) - at least when it comes to the self-proclaimed left-leaning Ha'aretz and the freedom-loving (and therefore [???] "opposition"-supporting) Daily Star - Golan Heights belongs to... "Israel". Let us trumpet that one more time, folks. Yes, Golan Heights has historically belonged to the children of Zion. Hey Bush, read the Bible. Home at last, we shall not be moved. I guess no winds of change for the media, then.

Map source: BBC

great post there (this blog is absolutely wonderful, btw). I laughed out loud with the left-leaning crossed out for Haaretz! Did you ever read my "the Left and Palestine" article up on my blog? You might like it.

Also, once Lawrence of Cyberia wrote a good post called "Haaretz is a piece of crap" or something similar.

Keep up the good work, Dan.
Thanks. I really want to focus more on Iraq, but I am more knowledgeable on the situation in Palestine, Lebanon, and to a certain extent Syria, so I can only offer limited posts on the Iraq situation, mostly related to breaking news. Initially my old blog was only about Palestine, but I widened the scope to the entire Middle East because of the recent string of so-called "revolutions"....

Do you mean this post? If so, I just read it. :) And it's awesome. Thanks! :) And yes I have read Lawrence of Cyberia's post on Ha'aretz. In fact I'm a big fan of his posts, and I regret that he hasn't been updating much.
thanks for the compliment, Dan. I've been very angry for a while now with the so-called left. Their abandonment of the Palestinians is no longer in the air, it is now official. (I'm talking about the established left). There is an insistence on "moderation" and pragmatism that defies logic and ethics.

I THINK Lawrence is a she? but, yes, there is a long interval between posts. Anyway, thank goodness for blogs, really. It maintains the channels open when the rest of the mass media is slamming doors and warping the facts to suit corporate or political interests.
You are correct. Even the most "extreme" left believes in "Israel's" "right to exist". The question of "Israel's" right to exist was posed to Prof. Chomsky by a self-proclaimed leftist, and Chomsky chuckled and said, "States don't have the right to exist". I mean, I am not a big fan of Chomsky (he is STILL too much of a politically correct leftist - he likes to call himself a realistic person and argues that based on that realism, Palestinian refugees will never return to Palestine/Israel... now I would beg to differ, but my voice will most probably go unheard, as it is too politically incorrect even for the so-called realists out there), but he hit the nail right on the head. The politically correct stance of the established left has forced me to relinquish the title of "leftist". I no longer identify as a leftist. I identify as a pro-Palestinian. And why the hell not? What the hell is wrong with being pro-Palestinian? I say it without any embarassment. Yes, I am biased, but "Israel's" actions call for such a bias. The argument against pro-Palestinian bias is like saying that those who condemn deniers of the Jewish Holocaust are biased against the Nazis....

I don't know if Lawrence of Cyberia is a she; maybe it is. I don't know him/her personally. I got introduced to his/her blog from RafahPundits and Jewssansfrontieres, if I remember correctly. Anyway, there are a lot of good blogs out there. I found a couple of them recently, and they make up for the fact that Lawrence of Cyberia doesn't update his/her blog that frequently.

Do you read Prof. As'ad Abu Khalil's (aka Angry Arab) blog?
I agree with you ENTIRELY. Pro-Palestinian is really the only fitting term. I got into trouble several months back for criticising Gush Shalom. It was Just Peace UK who would not tolerate that kind of action. To be honest, that didn't surprise me, as this has been the trend especially since the Iraq war. I would one day like to see why all of a sudden this has become the case, with the situation as desperate as ever, these "windows of opportunity" showing themselves to be just more zionist propaganda. When even Palestinian spokespersons (or self appointed representatives) are selling out the rights, we have to start to figure out why and what this mechanism is, and to warn those who want "peace" and "reconciliation" that selling out rights is not the road to peace. It's not feasible, even if it is momentarily pragmatic.

Needless to say, people read my blog looking for traps (at least I know that several members of several newsgroups do this, at any rate). There is a lot of energy spent on divide and conquer, when all of the energy should be directed to solidarity and awareness work.

I have recently adopted a moral code for myself. And that is the concept of militant solidarity which is basically summed up in this post.

I haven't read the Angry Arab blog. My fave is Umkhalil, mundiclub is interesting too (found that one yesterday), and of course the other ones I've linked I try to visit as often as I can. I will check out his blog if you recommend it.
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