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Friday, April 08, 2005


OK, here's a test run of Wordpress. I was in the mood for installing stuff, so I installed Wordpress, which was very easy to do. I am at the moment looking into the software features. So far I am not as impressed as I was expecting to be. So at the moment, it's still Blogger/Blogspot. However, the good news is, I might change my host. I recently got a free hosting offer that does not have any banners (and even better, no Google Ads). Anyway, I guess you (my readers - and that includes our resident zionists, after all this is a REAL democracy) can check it out and let me know. So far I am strongly against switching to Wordpress. The Blogger template is much more simple, and the commenting feature is much better. The only thing that I like about Wordpress is the category feature. Other than that, it's just not my type of software.

In case I do switch to the other host (whether with Blogger or Wordpress), I will synchronise this one with the other one. So those of you who for some reason do not want to update your bookmarks, can still read and comment here.

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