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Sunday, May 29, 2005

الانسحابات اللبنانية

Welcome to internationally-"supervised" "democracy"... in Lebanon. I shall call it الانسحابات اللبنانية or the Lebanese... withdrawals. The Tashnags (having more than 80% of popular support among Armenians) have boycotted the elections, and so has war criminal and hypocrite Michel Aoun. Reason: Both oppose selections by the Hariri circus (Sa'adeddine being the leading clown). Voter turnout has been very poor all day long, with predominantly "Sunni areas" registering higher percentages (maximum being 44% at Mazra'a), while "Christian areas" registered 17% at most, with some areas like Mdawar having as low as 4% turnout. And of course, Sa'adeddine, who has absolutely no ability whatsoever to understand what political talk is all about, claims the elections are "very fair" and "very democratic because there are international monitors". This was in an interview with a BBC correspondent. Sa'adeddine, the spoiled son of Rafik Hariri who had no clue about politics suddenly jumped onto the stage and is now being called "The Opposition Leader". And I am laughing out loud at this so-called "opposition". Allow me to say, ha-ha-ha-ha! Democracy - the Hariri / Saudi / U.S way! I guess the good news is, "Israel" is no more "the Middle East's ONLY democracy". Congratulations, Lebanon, on the 28% voter turnout in Beirut! You may now be called "the Middle East's second democracy".

And allow me to say one more time: Gibran Tuweini makes me want to throw up.
Hey, I voted too! I voted that rollerblading was much more productive than casting a ballot.

How do you write in Arabic on your blog?

And what's your email - mail me at lio119@yahoo.com
Hey Dan, it's Nadia (lj). I was wondering what you were up to and I followed this link. Glad you made it in one piece, and hope you're not too culture shocked like I am every time I go ;) Btw I changed my hotmail address, I know you don't use msn frequently but add me anyway. So have you moved permanently to this blog? Take care and hope you get into AUB. PS: Don't sell those wonderful books! They're your family's.
have you spoken to any Aoun supporters, that would be interesting? HOpe you are doing good brother, i'm happy you are still posting, we need that, your readers need your post and keep us updated, i'm trying to come soon, we'll talk. Peace.
Hey Nadia! No, I still post on LJ (sometimes), but I've been very busy lately. I visited AUB yesterday and I was told that my application to grad school has been... rejected. They gave me no reason (actually, they gave me different reasons, none of which make sense - I figured that the hidden reason was my previous admission to AUB at undergrad level and my rejection of the offer. Or it was about my thesis statement which was pro-Palestinian and critical of "Israel" - the Director of Centre for Arab & Middle Eastern Studies is... American). I shall write to the President and demand an explanation or a complete revision in the status of my application along with grad assistantship offer, or else I will expose them for what they are. Not-so-independent as they claim to be, and one of the worst universities in Lebanon in terms of freedom of speech.

I've met Aoun supporters. I also received calls from Tashnags not to vote, and thank you calls again after the voting, in which I didn't participate, although not because of Aounist/Tashnag boycotting. I've been watching the news on TV lately, something I couldn't afford to do in Toronto, which gives a totally different aspect of the situation here. What the media says on the internet is very shallow analysis. The facts on the ground are a lot more complicated. I'm glad I'm back. I have no regrets. Surprised as I am at my rejection by AUB, I will continue following politics and commenting on it. The only thing I can do now is join the army. I was told by the CAMES director that I could re-apply in Spring, but I will not do so. Shame on AUB. Shame on their so-called "independence" from pressures. Shame on their adoption of such policies. I will take back what I'm saying if and when they change. Until then I will strongly condemn their policies and, believe it or not, politics. I have, at least temporarily, given up on graduate studies. I would've loved to attend AUB - very much so. But there are things that can't change overnight, and the fact that many Lebanese are such sellouts to Americans is one of those things. Hopefully one day when AUB proves itself worthy of my attendance I might apply for grad school. But you know, in Lebanon, "one day" can even mean "never". I'm upset, but I have become even more dedicated to my opinions and refuse to sacrifice them in order to be admitted to AUB or any other institution, be it "independent" or not. I refuse to be blackmailed.

I'll be in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh for 2 months: from June 16 to August 17.
Btw, the second part of my response was to Intifada.

As for my trip to Armenia, I will be working with NGOs there, just in case you were wondering.


You can e-mail me at free_falasteen_now@yahoo.ca
(Nadia)The second part of your response also happened to be the answer to the comment I just posted on your other journal :)

Good luck with the army if you're going ahead with it. Armenia for two months sounds lovely. I'd love to visit someday (and pass by Georgia as well).
i just want to ask is there back ground check in lebnon when you apply for a job . does it matter to the company or (goverment) what you believe in, or your religion ,where are u from , or who you support .
Dan, I like you a lot. Your write so well.

It really is AUB's loss.

I guess they'll just get another rich dumb kid whose father bribed the admissions tutor to let his son in.
Hey Dan, don't let this setback upset you too much. You will somehow be able to do what you seek to do. I'd just keep trying again, you never know. But if they deny you again, that means something greater is awaiting you and a new opportunity is opening up. As the saying goes, you close the window and a door opens up.
come on dan ,do not get upset about aub these people do not deserve you , you will find better. just have faith in yourself
Thanks for the supportive comments, folks. I have been in contact with the President, the Dean of Arts and the Provost, who knows, something might come out of it. But I wouldn't count on it. Anyway, I'm not so upset about it. I already wrote the director of the department a sarcastic letter. I hope he takes offense to my comments.

I was thinking, why not study at SOAS, London. It has one of the best Middle East studies department in the world.

Here is a link:
In fact I'm writing just to comment on what u said about Tuweini making u wants to throw out: Every time I see him, I throw out! and I need 10 7up to be able to continue my day
Thanks for the link, Shad. It's interesting to say the least. I don't think I can afford 10,000 pounds, though, and fellowships are limited in number so I might not stand a chance if competition is fierce. I guess my plans for grad school will have to be put on hold for now.
Still, apply for the postgrad course and the scholarship. If you get in, bingo!

You have nothing to lose.
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