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Friday, May 13, 2005

"Freedom-lovers" censor

Well, here's an interesting entry on a blog run by a Jewish supporter of "the Middle East's only democracy". I had posted about Anne and her blog before, and frankly I am not surprised by the bigoted statements that she makes in that entry. After all, her hobby is bashing Arabs and criticising Islam (and its "worrying" trend of increasing / spreading demographics). But for the sake of entertainment, I posted a comment on her blog, only to visit the same entry a few hours later and find that comment gone. Could it be a glitch in the system I wonder? Or perhaps it's an Islamic conspiracy of takeover or something. I mean, "[j]ust think about it, there are already more Muslims in France than there are Jews in Israel. Hmm." I guess Anne thinks such statements are OK when aimed at Muslims but not OK when aimed at Jews. After all, anyone who talks about the increase in the number of Jews in Europe using such terminology and implications would be immediately labeled an anti-Semite and a neo-Nazi. Anne apparently found such a criticism (which made no mention of Nazis, by the way, so you can't really say I made baby Godwin cry this time!) too anti-Semitic true for her tastes, so she deleted it. In case my second comment disappears too and the curious among my readers would like to know what I wrote, here it is: "Tsk tsk, Anne, I thought "Israelis" and their supporters were all for freedom of speech and all that... What happened? Why did you delete my comment? Was it too critical of your racism?"

Long live "the Middle East's only democracy" and its supporters!

Edit: I believe that the photo in the previous entry will give Anne something to cheer for. As a sidenote, though, I wonder why Anne did not post this pic on her blog since she loves posting pics of Palestinian children with real TOY guns.

Marsden, it's her blog, she can get rid of your stuff if she wants. Freedom of speech does not mean that she has to soil her own blog with your Hezbollah love.
It was not "Hezballah love". It had nothing whatsoever to do with Hezballah. I simply criticised her bigotry towards Muslims. And since she deleted that comment of mine (I guess she found it too true to leave it up there and risk others reading it) I post an entry on mine to show the extent to which those "Israel"-supporters believe in the ideals of freedom.
Hey Dan...That is bullshit talk, even if it's her blog, if you support freedom of expression it means you can stand opinions you don't like. And if it was the opposite, a pro_Palestine who erased an anti_Palestine comment many westerns would scream "Dictators!"
Well, look on the bright side. At least she didn't delete your comment and then characterize it as "anti-semitic".

I had that happen to me when I pointed out to someone that the reason that Verizon didn't list Israel on its map of places you can text-message is because they don't yet have coverage there, and that it was no more "denying Israel's existence" than it was denying the existence of the 50 plus(or maybe its 100 plus) other countries in the world where it doesn't do business.

First my comment was deleted. Then a little while later the blogger posted how angry she was about my comment. (I knew she was talking about mine since the blog entry I had commented on was the only one that had been closed for comment.)

For the icing on the cake, she then wrote another entry accusing me of anti-semitism.

"All I can say is that there's nothing worse than an antisemite who doesn't recognize their antisemitism and thinks they are being completely reasonable and logical and who, when he/she looks at Jews can see nothing but whiners or extremists. The only Jews they like are the unarmed powerless ones who'd be willing to walk into gas chambers without a word."

Of course, I hadn't mentioned her religion nor did I call her a whiner, but that didn't stop her from ludicrously divining my thoughts and equating my comments with gas chambers. Apparently criticism of the logic of her posts equals anti-semitism in her mind. (No wonder the term has become devalued.) I thought of emailing her privately but then decided that it would accomplish nothing.

So, consider yourself lucky.
Your opinions on other topics are so incendiary from Anne's perspective that I doubt she feels obligated to provide you a forum in any way, shape, or form. You are a supporter of an organization that seeks her physical destruction, quite beyond the pale of any considerations of free speech--at least with respect to HER blog.
As I said before, that is IRRELEVANT. The comment that was deleted was simply critical of her BIGOTRY, and in no way mentioned Hamas or made use of their ideologies. As I said before, if she truly believes in freedom of speech, she ought to believe in it no matter what people's political (or religious or moral) beliefs are. I posted nothing inappropriate in way of Hamas, Hezballah, etc. And so her justification of censorship on the grounds that I am a supporter of Hamas is stupid, null, and void. That I am a supporter of Hamas in no way means that her comment about Muslims was not pure bigotry or that none of my statements or arguments hold. Logical argumentation is one thing, personal beliefs quite another. But I guess Anne has difficulties telling the difference between the two.

Either way, all zionists are welcome to post HERE, and they have done so on many occasions. They, of course, have caused much harm to the people I care about and have lived amongst. But I believe in ABSOLUTE freedom of speech, and freedom of speech can't be based on double standards, selectivism, and censorship of that which is critical of someone or something.

It's her blog alright, but if she's going to claim that she's for freedom of speech, democracy, etc., just like "Israely" allegedly is, then she ought to change her ways. And if not, then she is free not to do so, but I reserve the right to criticise her on MY blog, and expose her HYPOCRISIES.
Treeplanter: It's rather unfortunate, is it not...? I HAVE actually met people like her, both online AND in real life. It's a shame that the Jewish Holocaust is being used time and time and time again to defend a state based on the very racism, hatred, and bigotry that resulted in so many JEWISH deaths. But I guess since the dead and oppressed ones are not Jewish this time around, it's alright. I guess the Jews reserve the "right" to oppress others but not the other way around.
I guess the Jews reserve the "right" to oppress others but not the other way around.

I see it as a very unfortunate and very human failing. Many people are entirely capable of justifying and excusing the most horrendous behaviors and attitudes of their own affinity group towards the "other", while being shocked by the very same horendous (or lesser) behaviors or attitudes the "others" display, without even noticing their own hypocrisy.

Some people can empathise with the "other" but it doesn't seem to me that the ability to empathise has any connection to religion or race or nationality. People who expect Jews as a group to be more empathetic are making a false assuption.

Its like assuming that a person abused as a child would not become an abuser as an adult. Some do and some don't. Why one and not the other I don't know. Perhaps its related to the kind of coping mechanism used.

Zionism, to my mind, is a horrible coping mechanism for dealing with what happened to Jews during WWII. (Not that it was originally created for that, but it has assumed that role for too many Jews I think.) Its like the child imitating the abuser to prevent further abuse.

It really saddens me to see how mch racism there still is in the world, and how much pain it causes, and it saddens me even more to know that I haven't a clue how to change that.

I would have loved to have had a conversation with the blogger who called me anti-semitic but I knew that I didn't have the skills to reach her.
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