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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A genuine mistake

A rocket hit the "Israeli" town of "Shlomi" today. The Lebanese Army dismissed it as an operational... mistake. (Just kidding)

The IDF, however, felt the need to offer its superior facts opinion: "The Lebanese government is responsible for all incidents which take place in Lebanese territory, including these attacks, which are conducted by terror organizations". At the same time, the IDF insists that the shells fired at Southern Lebanon BEFORE the attack on mistaken shelling (just kidding) of Shlomi were not the responsibility of the "Israeli" government, since the latter does not consider itself responsible for any incidents which take place in "Israeli" territory are carried out by Jews. In fact, as the "state of the Jewish people everywhere", "Israel" has the moral duty to defend them. Because, after all, if the Jewish zionist state does not protect those Jews from the bloodthirsty retaliating gentiles, who's going to do it, G-d?

The Jerusalem Post and other "Israeli" papers report (parroting information provided to them by the government of "Israel" - so much for the freedom-loving country that "Israel" allegedly is) that "
[i]t is uncertain if the two incidents are related." Yes indeed, those terrorists are the provocateurs! We must go and carpet-bomb Beirut (again)!

By the way, if the firing of the shell at Southern Lebanon were a genuine mistake, how on earth could the "Israeli" army (oh sorry, the "Israeli" "Defense" Forces - recall the phrase "those poor oppressed Jews always acting in self-defense" and the justification for mass-murder: "see, we're being forced to kill"), given that it is not INSIDE Lebanese territory (well, other than Shebaa, that is), determine so quickly that the shell "fell in an open area, causing no damage or casualties"? Sounds like they already had their facts straight and immediately scrambled to announce it... Oh wait, this could just be it. A provocation on the eve of "Israel's" celebration of "Independence Day" to show the world that after 57 years "Israelis" are still the poor victims coming under fire.

Look, Marsden, you hate us and want us gone, so there really isn't anything to discuss. But thanks for the link to JPost and the sarcasm.
You're right - there's nothing to discuss. You have no arguments to make, because you know you're on the losing side when it comes to that. You can't even justify why a "Jewish state" needs to exist. All your explanations, justifications, and apologism are not worth $0.01. I guess it takes time for you to realise it, but let's hope sooner rather than later.
No, I don't need to waste my time trying to make a dent in your absolute, irreconcilable rejection of any argument I might make. Simple utilitarian calculations, which is why (I suppose) we're keeping these comments short.
You are free to make whatever arguments you want, and I am free to post any criticisms or complete debunking of those "arguments" of yours. So go ahead.
What I regard as established historical fact, you will regard as propaganda, and likewise for my view of the facts you will cite. We will wind up going around and around in one of the classic ritual arguments of Zionism and anti-Zionism, where everyone gets to speak his mind and nothing is solved. Perfect. So...another topic.

Do you think Lebanon is heading for a reformed/liberal social system? Probably not, to judge by your blog. But Lebanon is the most "successful" multi-religious state, & I tend to think it might be the ideal model for Israel/Palestine when it reforms (which will probably be before Israel/Palestine reform.)
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