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Monday, May 09, 2005

More on timing

I said in the entry below that the Hariri assassination and the recent events could be interpreted in terms of the withdrawal from Gaza. Now I'm having mixed feelings about this, because of shells fired into Lebanon (allegedly mistakenly, but we all know what "Israeli" mistakes are all about). I am not sure how to interpret this. The first is to interpret it as a genuine mistake on the part of the IDF. I think I will need to dismiss that interpretation. The second is to interpret it as a clear intimidation of Hezballah, or a test of waters at the least. The intimidation by the IDF, if successful in sucking Hezballah into action along the border, will backfire on the latter (again, due to the state of affairs in Lebanon), since "Israel" will insist that the shells were indeed fired mistakenly and Hezballah used this as a pretext to shatter the ceasefire. The third possibility is that the IDF is attempting to re-start skirmishes on the northern border to halt (temporarily or permanently) the "disengagement". Of course, this third explanation branches out into two: 1) the possibility that this is solely the doing of some elements in the IDF that sympathise with the "settlers'" cause/"plight" 2) the possibility that this was a pre-planned, "state-sponsored" action. Whatever the case, I admire Hezballah's reaction: silence and not taking the bait (at least for now).

Edit: United Press International (via Washington Times) reports that "Israeli" jets violated Lebanese air space at the same time that the shells were fired. Well, that eliminates possibility #1, although Ha'aretz, JPost, Yediot Achronot, and Arutz Sheva (different names, same shit) all report it as an "accident".

Just how often do Israeli jets violate Lebanese air space? If it is routinely, or all the time, then the shelling still just might be an accident. [\sarcasm]
Yes indeed. It was an accident. All of it is.
Odd that "anti-aircraft" shells fired from Lebanon always seem to be fused to explode AT GROUND LEVEL. In other words, it's just a continuing anti-personnel bombardment. Obviously, Peace for Galilee is not in the works...
Why the hell not? Are "Israelis" the only ones allowed to use "anti-personnel" munitions and tanks? Or should we treat the "Israeli" Offense Forces soldiers as civilians? They are legitimate targets, are they not? Why are you making such a big deal about it when IDF "outposts" are shelled? Are they civilians or army personnel?!? Make up your bloody mind.

Also, you whine about anti-personnel bombardment but you say nothing about the deliberate targeting of civilians inside UNIFIL headquarters?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I can already see your priorities. Your problem is not that those bombardments are "anti-personnel", but that they are "anti-Israeli". :)
I don't see why I'm obligated to make any concessions to the narrative of a Hezbollah supporter who puts my nationality in quotation marks, the same way you make no concessions to deniers of the Armenian genocide. I know damn well that if the IDF cleared out of the territories, left Shebaa Farms, and refrained from replying to rockets from Lebanon and Gaza the only effect would be to move the violent front line of the continous militant war for the destruction of the Jewish people of Israel from the indefensible borders of "Greater Israel" to the streets of Tel Aviv. Even given that, I think it _should_ be done simply because Israel's current strategy hampers its real defense by diluting concentrations of personnel and resources as well as harming Palestinians in general rather than effectively preventing terror. Qana, like Sabra and Chatila, was simply obscene. (I have seen the Fijian video, BTW. I have also seen similar scenes in real life in Jerusalem, as you have in Beirut.) The real method of vanquishing insurgencies is to revive conditions of NORMAL life for the populations involved, thus I would insist on a completely different--indeed minimal harm--strategy.

I am not really *too* upset about the Shebaa Farms, mind you my personal experience is with Palestinian terror and I would say I may even have a fairly good idea of what the Awn/Geagea festivities may have meant based on what's been done to my own neighborhood in the past 4 3/4 years. Please don't think I defend Israel's actions in Lebanon, even in terms of military necessity they are useless, in fact _especially_ in terms of military necessity--I think the airport raid of '69 was the last useful military action in terms of benefit for Israel. The fact is that Israel has used the excuse that all of its neighbors want it gone to behave as an imperial power. I do not think it would be less hated if it didn't, but my calculations are based on Israeli self-interest as well as the fact more people of all nations would benefit if it didn't as well.

Regarding the structure of the Israeli state: it's very odd but I think I'd feel better about your "secular, democratic" rhetoric if it involved empowering an (admittedly flawed) Lebanese-style consociational system rather than my surrender to the dhimmitude Hamas and Islamic Jihad have planned for me. If it strokes your Lebanese patriotism any, I think that any functioning liberal system Lebanon finally DOES choose will be the model for multi-religious states in the region in the future.
a Hezbollah supporter who puts my nationality in quotation marks
LOL. And how exactly does that surprise you? :) You as an "Israeli" don't exist in my books. As a human being perhaps (that depends on your actions, but if you're a supporter of "Israel", then I doubt it).
What you've seen in "Israel" (random bus bombings) is nothing compared to what the Lebanese people have lived through thanks to your greed. It seems to me that the WWII holocaust narrative and the "never again" is now being transformed into a "never shall the Jews be told what to do" (even when they are acting like Nazis - yes I know the comparison will upset you and that you will yell "anti-Semite!" but I don't much care about that) and that in turn is being transformed into "the Jews will tell everyone what to do and where to live because they've been victims of a horrible crime" (so have others, by the way, but that doesn't give them the "right" to mistreat others - unlike the self-proclaimed right of the Jews to oppress others in the name of "self-defense"). I say "the Jews" because I am convinced that while there are some Jews who are truly against the entire idea of "Israel" as an exclusivist Jewish state based on reasons of conscience (rather than religion, as is the case for ultra-Orthodox Jews), there is practically no such thing as a "Jewish left". If such a thing EVER existed, it died a long time ago. The most rabid "leftist Jew" still believes in "Israel's" "right" to exist. The hilarious thing is, there are even some "Jewish anarchists" (I didn't know anarchists subscribed to institutions) who support "Israel's" "right to exist". Funny that. I guess even the definition of anarchism differs in "Israeli" and Jewish dictionaraies.
Ah, yes "the Jews."
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