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Monday, May 09, 2005


Well, I was thinking about the timing of the Hariri assassination and the "cedar revolution" that followed it, and I couldn't help but think about the possibility that the events in Lebanon have been planned and executed specifically at this moment because it also coincides with "Israeli" preparations for departure from the Gaza Strip. Increasing political tensions in Lebanon and a constant spotlight on Hezballah will ensure that in the case of 'incidents' in "Israel" and Palestine by right-wing settlers and their supporters, Hezballah would think twice about opening the northern front against "Israel" and liberating the Shebaa Farms which currently provide "Israel" with a lot of water. In fact, any such action on the part of Hezballah will most probably, through USA's proxies in Lebanon, be countered by attacks against Shi'ite targets, which would further escalate the tensions and possibly result in the outbreak of civil war, or at least a battle (and a time-out). This could also give the "Israelis" a pretext for re-invading Lebanon, and with all the warlords loose in the country, it sure as hell will give the "Israelis" something to cheer for, and the Americans something to hide behind (while they commit their war crimes in Iraq). This is Bush's message to Hezballah: A war in "Israel" and any attempts to liberate Shebaa when the opportunity arises will mean a war in Lebanon, and possibly a fall from grace of the widely-supported resistance and liberation movement Hezballah.

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