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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I'm leaving for Armenia in a few hour's time. I will be posting as much as I can from there, most probably less about the situation in Lebanon and more about the situation in the Caucasus (and of course "Israel's" latest violations of human rights). On the good side, the interview went so great that I was given the job immediately (of course, I will be starting upon my arrival). So I will have a steady income which can help me pay for my grad studies - that's if I am accepted to LAU (which I have my doubts about, as it doesn't seem to be any different from AUB).

I'm off for now.

Congratulations on the job offer. May I ask what position you were offered?

Whatever it is you are doing, I hope it doesn't take away from your blogging time!
hayrenik dar im chermakin parevners....amenun.
great vacation! (or work?)
I watched some of your pics in your gallery. Were it your own shots?
And a hint for Armenia's cafe-nets. There is a good one in Mashtots street, called Ultranet. Although the computers not so new, but the line is fast.
I wish you make a gallery of Armenia, as done for Lebanon.
Dan, you're our man! Over here in Italy, I'll be looking forward to all the news that's fit to print! Best of luck and a good healthy, "buona fortuna!"
I'm there for work (and will of course visit lots of places on the weekends!)

Some of the photos are mine, a few aren't, as indicated. The photos of demonstrations are definitely not mine.

Thanks for the internet cafe tip. I've already taken some pics but can't post them as I need to find a place to use a USB port to upload.

The job in Lebanon is full-time English teacher at a school.
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