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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hariri's House

Today I went to LAU (Lebanese American University) to pick up an application for graduate studies (M.A in International Affairs) and talk with the Director of Admissions. Now I do know the area around AUB, but I didn't know where exactly LAU's Beirut campus was located, so I had to ask around. Below is an excerpt from a conversation I had:

Me: Hey, could you tell me how to get to LAU?
Man: You know where martyr Rafik Hariri's house is, right?
Me: Umm, no I don't...
Man: What do you mean you don't?
Me: I mean I don't know where Hariri's house is.
Man: Are you kidding me?
Me: What do you mean?
Man: You really don't know where his house is?
Me: OK look mister, I don't care who Hariri is, let alone where his house is. Now are you going to tell me where LAU is located, other than in relation to Hariri's house?


By the way, today someone asked me if the orange colour on my blog had anything to do with Aoun's LFPM. I didn't know Aoun had a monopoly on orange. (Orange is incidentally ?? also the colour that anti-"disengagement" "activisits" in "Israel" use).

such situations we maybe meet always. people think that we should follow "majority"'s senses.
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