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Saturday, June 04, 2005

More on elections

Just a quick update. I know things have been rather slow on this blog lately; I hope I'm not boring you to death with my silence. I have been following the news on TV and it's even more boring than it seems. One thing I can say, though, is that Hezballah made a big mistake by allying itself with Hariri, Inc and Walid beik. It now seems very clear that the Hariri assassination affair and all that followed it was a project of regime change most probably launched by none other than USA. Hariri, Inc, Walid beik, & co are very much aware of this. In fact, I am surprised that they have taken such a stance, being the most outspoken "opposition" "leaders" if there was ever such a thing as leadership there. Politics is a dirty career, but I hadn't imagined it to be an arrogant one in its low attitude of the general population's ability to perceive the significance of events around them. In fact, the very reason for the declining support for the so-called "opposition" (now even more "so-called" than ever before) is that the people have been left behind by the politicians (who they believed would realise the dream of a "new Lebanon") in such a degrading way that they have finally come out against family continuity in politics as practised by the Hariri, Jumblatt, Gemayel, etc. clans. Now you will say that these are fair elections and that Hariri's folks won fair and square, but it is not so. In fact, one clear pointer to the unfairness of these allegedly "internationally monitored" elections is the fact that the Ministry of Interior Affairs has randomly decided to move the poll centers in Bourj Hammoud (which is mostly populated by Armenians - supporters of the Tashnag party that boycotted the elections in Beirut, that is) elsewhere. I believe - and feel free to correct me on that one - that we are still awaiting an outburst by the international "monitors" of the elections about this clear violation of electoral rules.

Wake me up when the monitors say something about Bourj Hammoud.

yes, i am :)
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