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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mount Lebanon

It's official: Mount Lebanon has gone totally mad. I am serious. As for me, I'll be leaving the country on Wednesday, thank goodness. I hope to receive a job contract on Wednesday (I have a meeting / "job interview" just hours before my scheduled flight). I've added some pictures of Lebanon to my gallery. You can check it out here. More pics to come before I leave the country.

Did I say I'm glad I'm leaving the country temporarily? I'm quite sick of seeing all those morons tearing each other apart just for a freaking seat in the parliament. That's right - Aoun is included on that list. I'm only sad my flight wasn't a week earlier.

Yup, that's an accurate picture of me, given the hysteria surrounding the selections in Mount Lebanon.

great pictures there!!! I want to wish you the best of luck in your new experience in Armenia.

I'm going to do my best to remember to check your blog for Armenia updates (Armenia and Georgia are definitely on my must-visit list) but it would be great if you could cross post sometimes to LJ *bats eyelashes* At least pictures, please? :D Enjoy Armenia to the max!
Thanks cutter. Nadia, I'll do my best to post on LJ, at least from Armenia. I must say that I've been quite busy lately and can't even update this blog as frequently as I would like to. I hope that would change once I'm in Armenia, but I wouldn't have high hopes about it, given that I will not have access to my laptop, and will have to rely on internet cafe services... But if the PCs in the internet cafes have USB ports, then I can very easily upload pics. ;)

As for Anonymous's comment - are you a genius or what? :)
Hi Dan,
very nice pics. I loved the lagoon picture! Can you tell me where excactly this is? I'd love to go there myself,

selections in mount lebanon? would you care to explain my friend? if anything the elections in mount lebanon were a true democratic battle even if you don't like the outcome.
A.T, I don't remember where that is. I will find out some time soon though.

Anonymous, what is your definition of "true democratic battle"? And would you have said the same if the "other" candidates had won and Aoun had lost?
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