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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NGOs in Armenia.

I'm finally able to update. I am alive, although not doing as great as I could be. I've been very busy with work. I'm working with two NGOs here in Yerevan (NGOs have a rather influential presence here, and I'm starting to think that starting one in Lebanon would be a good idea). The first focuses on regional development and policy-building and collaborates with NGOs in Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. I will be meeting with people in the government, journalists, and analysts, and writing policy briefs for the center. I have a meeting with Vartan Oskanian on Thursday as well. If you have any questions that you would like me to ask him, feel free to post here no later than Thursday morning, and I will try to forward them to him. The other NGO that I am working with focuses more on Armenian society and the impact of honesty on the political and economic life in the country. I will be in Artsakh (Karabakh) over the weekend. That's all for now.

How should be our relations with Russia?
Should Armenia become a member of Nato?
1. What about Russia?
2. No.
A lot of Armenians in diaspora have negative attitude towards Russia, because they are taught so, without logical reason, as if Russia has "occupied" Armenia.
How do you see this matter?
Well I'm not a brainwashed, America-worshipping-Russia-hating materialistic Diasporan Armenian, so there you go.

Russia has occupied Armenia? What? hahaha.. that's the most hilarious thing I've heard in a while..... Well, you see, the whole region and I would argue the whole world is hostage to the "superpowers" (i.e. USA, and to a tiny extent at the moment Russia). So if it's not Russia, it would be USA. I don't see why it's better for Armenia to be "occupied" by USA (which it slowly is, thanks to sellout politicians) than by Russia. I for one prefer Russia. And the typical
"American"-Armenian can go to hell if he/she doesn't like what I just said.
Well, I asked this purposely, because years ago, V. Bedrosian in his travels, met american-armenians, young enthusiastic boys, ready to bomb Yerevan with american atomic bomb, to liberate it from "Soviet Occupation".

This is however the extreme case. The ordinary case was, that some political parties' followers even didn't attend eastern armenian cultural recitals (music, art etc.) because these were enemy's side.

So pity our nations political divistions.

I have a lot to say but now this.
I thought you said Armenians are not divided (politically or otherwise)...
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