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Monday, August 22, 2005

"Do you get that? An Arab is going to be sleeping in my house," yells a female settler at a female soldier.

My comment (mourning): Oh NO! How criminal is that?! Of course, Jews never slept in houses of Arabs who were forced to leave their homes in what was PALESTINE.... But I can't imagine how criminal it would be for an inferior Arab to sleep in a superior Jew's house. And they say there's justice in this world?

Sadness, pain and tears mixed with more than a little racism in Atzmona: one resident approaches the brigade commander, Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi, and requests in a whisper that only a Jewish officer, "God forbid a non-Jew," be allowed to evacuate him from his home. Kochavi does not respond. Atzmona's residents never made such demands when Druze and Bedouin soldiers and officers guarded them. But today, everything is revealed and everything is permitted.

My comment (mourning): Oh yes - the settlers are peaceful, loving people. They are not racist. How can they ever be - they are, after all, Jews, and as we all know Jews can never be racist because of, you know, the (one and only, unique) Holocaust. So come, my friend, let us mourn the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Gaza Strip, which really ought to be free of those inferior Arabs. Sharon is the devil - not because he was the mass-murderer of Sabra & Shatila - but because he expelled Jews from the land we had rightfully stolen from those inferior Arabs. Now how can we live with the fact that Arabs are going to be sleeping in our homes? How?!? Ahh yes, let me go and kill some more Arab citizens of the state of Israel (instead of the devil Sharon who is the one who initiated the ethnic cleansing of Jews - let me don the yellow Jude star), because they deserve to die; after all, this is a state for Jews not Arabs.

Yes, the sons and daughters of the holcaust are now screaming about the dirty Arabs that are going to be sleeping in their houses! I wonder, did the settlers take their "Arab Free Zone" signs from their streets when they left?
Neither Sharon nor any other Israel killed the refugees in Sabra and Shatilla.

The massacre of innocent and unarmed women and children was carried out by the lovely Lebanese.

Fucking with history is only going to fuck you in the end, douche bag.
One more such comment from you (i.e. containing swear words), and you will be banned.
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