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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Real Map of the Middle East

hello, I am a new bloger with a Pan-Arabist blog called 'Arabism'. I agree with your views of non-interventionism and self-detremination, and i hope you will visit my blog.

Well, why not? After all, Yahway gave it to the Jews, as recorded in the BOOK, and there is nothing in Islamic writings that says that Allah gave it to the Palestinians!!

Yes, and Israel willl have their new Capital set up in Jeruselum in the next few years. Get used to the idea. It WILL happen!!!

Hi - your blog has been selected by me for BlogDay2005

In a thousand years, Israel will still be in the same place - it will be the muslims who have dissapeared - everywhere...
"Flanstein" - see, the difference between us and you is that you talk in terms of "Muslims" and we don't talk in terms of "Jews". If we (or at least I) did that, you would be all over us yelling "anti-Semite!" (not that you and your kind don't anyway!)
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