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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Response to Anne's defenders (or Anne)...

Uh oh, Anne has decided to ban the IP of the internet cafe I use regularly, so I guess I won't be able to comment on her blog (what a loss - I say I shall mourn it in the same way Anne and her spoiled "settler" brothers & sisters are mourning the handing over of a tiny piece of land to its real owners... I say, let me get out the orange ribbons and all, set up tents, and whine and whine and maybe the world will give me the attention that I crave for...). Wait, scratch that. I didn't say that.

Anyway, dearest Anne, I shall put my response to your defendents on my blog since you decided to ban me in the spirit of the freedom of speech that you and your buddies in Occupied (and soon to be liberated) Gaza and elsewhere in Occupied Palestine (not just the West Bank) seem to be preaching... So here it is:

Rick, yes I did read the word, but that doesn't mean anything given that Anne denies that it was "terrorism". Murder is disgusting and reprehensible, but it doesn't justify substituting the word that applies to this case with a word that reduces its moral implications.

The Jews could've lived in Gaza and anywhere in the West Bank with the Palestinians, except that they chose to throw the majority of Palestinians out of their homes and deny even their very existence. Now they are being treated in the same way. It's backfiring on them. You don't like it? You shouldn't have done it to others, or at least thought about the possibility of it coming back to haunt you in the future. You deserve it all. Gaza shall be Judenrein, and it will be so for a good reason. You defend the idea that we should ask why this Jewish terrorist did what he did yet you don't want to accept any sort of looking into WHY Gaza (and soon the West Bank) shall be Judenrein. "Israel" exists only as a double standard. For me there is no such thing as "Israel" or an "Israeli". Anyone who defends "Israel", its existence or its colonialist past, present, and possibly (?) also future is fair game in my opinion.

using a term like "judenrein" is, to use a euphemism, "highly problematic". you are putting yourself in the same corner as the german nazis who invented the term. i don't know if you have this intention - i have not read your blog thoroughly enough to know - but if you DON'T then i suggest you do not use such terms.

there are many people who are willing to engage you in a meaningful conversation/discussion about the palestine conflict, but the moment you are writing a sentence like "Gaza shall be judenrein" (which, btw, is an adjective and thus spelled with lower-case letters) you are crossing a line and move beyond "discussable".

just a little heads-up.

You obviously did not read the entire post (or carefully enough) to realise that the judenrein comment was in response to a comment on another blog, from which I was banned, hence the reason I posted the comment here and not there. I wasn't the one who made baby Godwin cry, so get your facts straight the next time before you jump on the bandwagon...
i went to anne's blog & read the comments - they accused you of harboring nazist beliefs and suggested that you would be a sympathizer of a palestinian state-project that would make gaza & the west bank "judenrein". and you fell for the trap...

in the end, in such a case the context doesn't actually matter. seriously: the moment you type a sentence like "Gaza shall be Judenrein, and it will be so for a good reason." and not make it clear that it is meant ironically or in bitter sarcasm - you are putting yourself in the nazi corner. period.

i am not jumping on anyone's bandwagon. read my blog...

i wouldn't even engage people like that anne. you are on LBF or (linked to it) & so i thought i'd drop a line.

no need to be more anti-semitic than the shabaab...

There were no "traps". Gaza shall be judenrein and, I still maintain my position, for a good reason. There is nothing anti-Semitic in this. Those people can't have it both ways - i.e. wanting to stay in Gaza AND being citizens of a state called "Israel". Moreover, those same people advocate an "Israel" that has no Arabs/Palestinians, even the ones who are now citizens of "Israel" and are supposed to be treated equally by the various institutions within the state. Anne has advocated, on more than one occasion, "throwing" Arabs out of "Israel". So yes, you ARE jumping on the bandwagon when you are whining about my "anti-Semitic" beliefs when I don't see you whining or condemning anti-Arab feelings that the ones who accused me of being a Nazi sympathiser harbour..... I would like to see you prove that my post was "anti-Semitic". Realistic? Yes. Anti-Semitic? No. But then again, I guess I'm giving you and your smear-campaigner kind some sort of legitimacy in your arguments since I'm falling for YOUR trap of arguing about the fact that I'm not anti-Semitic. So at the end of the day, you can THINK whatever you like, or ACCUSE ME of whatever you want, luckily just because you said so doesn't mean that I am so. Goodbye.
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