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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Whole of Israel is a Settlement

Now don't get me wrong, i'm very happy that these Jewish european and Jewish american settlers are leaving Gaza, but we cannot allow the media and the zionist propagandist let us believe that this is the only problem and that only these settlements in Gaza and the West Bank are illegal, when in fact the whole of Israel is one big illegal settlement that should be dismantled.

This is a victory to the Palestinian resistance, whether it is the resistance that directly kicked them out or not, the resistance played a major role in this decision.

Many people are happy and shocked that this is happening but the gaza strip is a very small part of historic Palestine. Besides the fact that the media is ignoring that the rest of Israel is also based on settlers and settlements it is protraying these settlers in Gaza with too much sympathy. These settlers should be condemned and criticized for their fanaticism, racism and colonialism. They don't belong in Palestine period not just in the Gaza strip, and that goes for 90% of Israel and Israelis, they are foriegners, mainly european and american and have not one single right to be in Palestine.

What year what that exactly that the Palestinians ruled the land you call Palestine?

And while we're on the subject, why wasn't there a Palestinian state between 1948 and 1967? I'll bet that was Israel's fault, too. The Arabs must have been anticipating the "occupation."

I am yet to find someone critical of the "Zionist Propagandists" who isn't a propagandist himself - and that certainly hasn't been changed by reading your shitty blog.
Lost causes and the like.

Well mate, I am afraid this sort of sawing on is about as helpful as hitting oneself in the head with a hammer.

There's a very simple fact, the Israeli state exists and it will exist regardless of perceived and real injustices done (or not) to the pre 48 Palestinians.

Wanking on about how "all" 'settlers' including 1967 Israel must go achieves nothing for the Palestinians - except of course the same old same old failed maximalist posturing that allows the Israelis, with some justice, to paint the Palestinians as irresponsible, etc.

Some degree of realism is going to be more successful than another bloody couple of decades of self defeating maxilism.

But hey, I've always felt the Ps and the Is deserve each other.
No one is forced to read a "shitty blog", nor leave a shitty comment.

Anyway: whether or not it is ever likely that the State of Israel can be dismantled, that does not alter the fact that it should never have been set up in the first place ... in the most bizarre way, but then Zionism is bizarre. Who else on the planet, other than Zionists (certainly not all Jews) claim territory merely on what they believe, irrespective of actual ethnicity, origins, etc.?

PS I came across your blog via peacepalestine and Umkahlil.
hmmm, you've got your facts wrong, buddy. Only 40 percent of Jewish Israelis come from European/American origin. The other 60 percent are native to the Middle East and North African, and were even there before the Arab/Islamic occupation of the region - that is, until all the Arab countries kicked their Jewish populations out.

But to your credit, it makes for a good arguement to believe that 90 percent are European; it truly is a convenient stance. Keep it up!
Where do you get your information from? Your Jew-only "G-d"? More than 1.2 million who are living in "Israel" at the moment are from the former Soviet Union; 240,000 are from Romania. 220,000 from Poland. Only half a million are of Moroccan origin and 245,000 are Iraqi Jews. 150,000 are from Yemen and 135,000 from Iran. Those from Ethiopia are even fewer (at most 50,000). Thus, all the Arab/African countries combined don't make up more than 20% of "Israel's" population (remember that we haven't counted other European countries including Spain, Italy, France, UK, Austria, Germany, not to mention USA and South American countries which also have rather large Jewish communities). BBC's statistics are even more generous than what "Israelis" allege, and even THEY don't put the percentage of African/Asian Jews higher than 48% of "Israel's" population...

Moreover, the majority (yes, close to 90%) of "Israelis" whose parents and grandparents hadn't been in Palestine for thousands of years (and in most cases NEVER really were) are now considered "born in "Israel"" and not counted as "immigrants" and thus aren't part of the "population by source country" - only their parents or grandparents are considered in such statistics. The immigration from Europe to Palestine was an older phenomenon than the "immigration" ("thanks to" zionazi terrorism against Arab Jews) of Arab Jews..
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