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Friday, August 05, 2005

Why he did what he did...

Jewish TERRORIST kills four "ISRAELIS" who happened to be non-Jewish, in the Middle East's Only Democracy™, and Anne complains that the Jerusalem Post called him a terrorist "without first knowing why he did what he did." I guess we're supposed to mince words, go into the etymology of terms, etc. when a Jewish terrorist murders innocent people. I suppose Anne believes that the targetting of only Arabs by a Jew (who happens to be a member of Kach) happens to be a random act by a man who needs psychiatric / psychological help, rather than an ideologically and/or politically driven one... I guess Anne also forgot to pay enough attention to the word "often" in the definition of terrorism that she provided...

Anne thinks that the disengagement can justify such a terrorist attack, but the monstrous treatment of Palestinians by Jews can never justify terrorist attacks (against both Jews and Arabs in "Israel").

So while Anne goes on yet another round of yelling "anti-Semitism!", allow me to point out that while this Jewish terrorist's and other Jewish terrorists' (e.g. Baruch Goldstein, the hero of many Jews, if I may add) targets were solely Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims and therefore motivated by intense racism and xenophobia, Palestinian suicide bombings have targeted all sorts of people and while murderous, cannot be identified as specifically "anti-Semitic". They are driven by ideology not by racism, unlike those of Jewish terrorists we have seen so far.

And allow me to copy and paste my comment on Anne's blog before she deletes it:
Oh so when a Jewish TERRORIST kills innocent Arabs (if they exist, in your
books) he must've had a good reason and we should sympathize with whatever
reasons he had, but when an Arab terrorist kills innocent Jews (apparently in
your book Jews are always innocent, even the "terrorist" kind..) there is no
questioning that he was an anti-Semite, hateful, bloodthirsty terrorist... I
see. I know you won't like this comment and will probably delete it. But it goes to show the moral low you and your kind have attained.

Peace in Jerusalem indeed. But not with the existence of your (and yours) kind, dearest Anne. Your kind is only good at writing the following on tombstones of Jewish terrorists: "Here lies the saint, [insert name here], blessed be the memory of the righteous and holy man, may the Lord avenge his blood, who devoted his soul to the Jews, Jewish religion and Jewish land. His hands are innocent and his heart is pure. He was killed as a martyr of God on the [insert date here]."

I wonder if OneFamily Fund will list the victims on its website, or the Jerusalem Post on its tribute page for victims of terror, for that matter... I guess we shall see.

Someone left a comment on Ha'aretz today wondering if the Israelis would blow up his house.

Check out the yahoo middle east slideshow. The Palestinians who "light" candles, "mourn," "rescue," are referred to only as "Israelis" by Reuters. "Israel Arabs" "storm" the bus, however.
For what it's worth, every Jew I know condemns what Baruch Goldstein did -- and condemns the terrible terrorist act perpetrated yesterday on that bus.

Both of those terrorist incidents break my heart. I know that being Jewish does not make me responsible for those two men, but I still feel tremendous shame when one of my co-religionists perpetrates such an act of hatred.
There are many Jews that love Baruch Goldstein. As a matter of fact there is a shrine set up in Hebron to commemorate him.

My question is this: is everyone now going to ask all Jews around the world to condemn this act of terror? Is that just for Muslim terrorists?
The problem in the Middle East could easily be solved if everyone had a hammock.
Israel's leaders are falling all over themselves to condemn (and distance themselves from) the act itself. But they, like Anne, want to portray Natan-Zada as an isolated crazy guy, rather than a militant Jew steeped in the culture of religious Zionism. Therein lies the double standard. Jewish conservatives are quick to attribute Arab militancy to a deeply rooted Islamic "culture of violence". They fail to acknowledge the corresponding culture of violence that has grown up within our own religion.
Andrew, you hit the nail right on the head. Well said.

Umkhalil, yes indeed, the very fact that this man's family wasn't treated the way any Arab terrorist's family would be says enough about the way "Israel" works.

AS for the Yahoo slideshow thing, yes I did look at it, and I also noticed the term "Jewish militant" all over the place. I haven't seen Arab/Palestinian MILITANT used in captions for photos of terrorist attacks by Palestinians in "Israel".
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